149 Corinna sends beach balls to Harriet and Gloria

July 30, 1935 [Editor’s note: Postcard.]

Dear Corinna,

Your Sunday letter here. Harriet is at Miller-Linger-Longer Lodge a few cottages this way from your last year camp. Do you remember if the mail carrier came from Spicer? I should think he would. Send her a letter to Atwater Camp Fire Girls and that Lodge and I believe she’ll get it. The beach balls came and Gloria is so glad. I am going to try to send Harriet’s out to her. I’ll have the girls write to Mrs. Adams soon. I liked their cottage so much. H and Marj. had their cots side by side by the windows. I’d like to have stayed myself. May says call Art Roberts at his station (Gladstone 9901) and ask him for Helen’s phone number. Love from Mother.


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