9 Harriet plans to buy a bicycle

Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

August 27, 1934

Dear Corinna,

We had lots of fun in Minneapolis, except for me the last day. I had a toothache and had to one of my teeth pulled.
We did have some fun in the morning ( Gloria and I). Beatrice took us downtown. We went on the traveling stairs and rode on quite a few elevators. I bought some things for school. It is 20 minutes to 9 p.m. here now so it must be 20 to 11 in N.Y. Gloria is in bed and mother and I are sitting at the kitchen table. Mother is reading and I am writing.

Marjorie and her folks (not her dad) and Roetzers (not Butch) went out camping for 4 or 5 days stay a couple weeks ago. (at Eagle Lake). Then last Sunday she went to Winona and is back now. She bought me an eversharp. (I guess that’s the way you spell it.) When I came home from Minneapolis I had a cute cook book. I forgot to get Marjorie one so I gave her a dime to get one in Winona and she got one. They are so cute. The recipes look something like this: 1 cup ground Peanuts   (Picture of cup and 3 peanuts), 4 eggs (Picture of 4 eggs) , and etc. etc.

I’ve been adding to this letter for a couple days now but still haven’t got very far. Marjorie and I went to the show last night, “Smoky”. It was about a horse (Western picture). It was good tho. This afternoon daddy brought home some peaches and grapes. I took the skins off of most of the grapes and mother helped me finish. She canned 2 quarts of peaches. I am going to write to Russell next time.

Uncle Karl and Aunt Esther are interested in my bicycle business because they are planning on getting one for John soon, too. In Minneapolis they have bicycle stands all over. 25 cents an hour. Those bicycles will be sold in Sept. and Oct. about half the price they are now. So I am going to get one then. I am getting pretty sleepy now so Toodeloo, Hiya. Post Script—Gloria and I had a bath together to-night. It was mighty close quarters. Buddy is going to hitch to Minneapolis tomorrow with Rand.

[from Harriet]


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