37 Ruth’s winter coat gets a makeover

October 29, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Monday eve—Ethel is here and has started my coat. I think it will look nice. Elvira and Beatrice came in,too, this afternoon. Betty Lundgren called too so we had a great “conflab”. I was in to see Bobby this morning—he looked so sweet and clean. His mother had just given him his bath. He will have to be in bed maybe 2 weeks longer. I know he will like the little car you send him. He is getting to be a little restless now.

We had pheasant again for supper. Myron shot one yesterday afternoon when he went hunting with Benson. Ethel is going to say all night here and tomorrow night too. I am glad she can make a little visit.

Last night at church Rev. Robertson asked for your address—he said Mrs. was at home writing to you. Elvira said today they had rec’d a card from you.

I knew I didn’t have to write to you to do your work before you play the piano. I shall try to send you a Chopin book before very long. I suppose your music came today—wasn’t that queer I should send it just when you would need it!

Gloria is reading to Ethel. She has finished studying her Geography—Harriet is practicing—so this is a busy house.

Tomorrow Harriet goes on a Camp Fire Hike—and Gloria is invited to Gene Walsh’s birthday party. So there won’t be any little girls at home for supper at all.

Florence Paulson’s little boy Jimmie broke his arm yesterday—up by the collar bone. Wayne was riding him on the bicycle and he fell off. Dr. Anderson set it and it didn’t get right so he was going to take him and Florence to Willmar tonight to set it by X-ray. They were at Art Holm’s when it happened. Dr. Anderson says it’s the worst break it could be.

Myron is at Boy Scout meeting. This week on Thursday they go up to Willmar to present themselves for Eagle Scouts before the Board of Review. Court of Honor will be Nov. 11th.

If I can, tomorrow, I’d like to invite Mrs. Geo. Jones up to spend the afternoon with Ethel and me. I’ll see if I can iron and do some baking too.

Harriet and I are going down to mail this now. Ethel is yawning and so is Harriet so I’ll have to come home and put everyone to bed. Gloria is already asleep. Goodnight.

Love from Mother.




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