127 Marvin plants the garden and buys a Whippet car

May 14, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Tuesday and it’s still chilly, my ironing is all done and some mending. Daddy told me Paul was so anxious to have me say I’d go along that he told him both Harriet and Gloria could go along and then of course you would take Aunt Frances’ place coming back. It would be lots of fun and you don’t know how tempted I am—because I’m so afraid Daddy can’t manage the trip for all of us. Of course it would cost us for our food and beds but that wouldn’t be much—I mean to go with Paul’s. I’d like to see Barbara and the others too. It would be only 2 weeks and I know Daddy and Myron could get along that long. But maybe I couldn’t stand the trip. Aunt Ev suggested it in her last letter, to come with Paul. Well let’s hear what you all think about it? I feel kind of sorry for Myron tho. But he needs to learn disappointments too. I go around in a daze here half the time thinking and dreaming about trips. I have to laugh at how persistent Paul and Frances are.

Daddy got the garden in yesterday—did a good job of it too. Myron can step on his foot now but still uses the crutches so as not to strain it any. He’s so pleased to be able to step—smiles like the babies do when they have taken their first few steps. It’s nice he can be walking at the Banquet. I am going to clean and press his suit this week and see that he gets a new pair of shoes.

The Mother’s Day sermon was helpful as usual. Rev. Robertson always has something for us, for every day needs. They asked about you again.

Daddy has sold the Wallace Roetzer car and bought another—a whippet. Myron drove it to Willmar last night to see a show—Darrel, Chuck, Byron Lindblom and Sidney were along. Wish I could do some kindness to Lola someway.

Last Saturday, I had Elvira and Ida Hallberg here for lunch. I had fresh graham rolls, cheese, cookies and cake. She seemed to be so glad to come—hated to go home—stayed till after the 6 o’clock church bell rang. I showed them your pictures and Barbara’s of course. Some day Elvira is going to have us walk out there for lunch—when she gets thru house cleaning.

Saturday I was just ready to start my cake frosting when Myrtle came in with some 7 minute frosting she had made too much of, so she just put it on my cake—and it was perfect frosting too.

Our rhubarb is way up now so I made a pie for dinner—good too—only I didn’t taste it. If I’m going on that trip I’m going to drink only sour milk and eat bananas and spinach and such, so as to be in perfect trim. Love from Mother.

Personal:– Dear Kinny,

We had a Conclave about you and your next year’s prospects last Sunday. Aunt Frances said she would have to buy a railroad fare back from New York when she returns and she wondered if she should plan on buying a 1 1/3 ticket round trip fare so that you could use the 1/3 fare to go back to N.Y. for another year if you so desired. But I’ll tell you, Aunt Ev is to be considered first. It’s real nice of Aunt Frances to think of you—she feels if you come back here to stay and have no way to go to school next year you will be very unhappy. But I told her altho I knew Aunt Ev liked you and was well satisfied, still, she might decide that she would rather be alone next year. And I don’t want her to be forced to decide a family affair like that, because ROC’s relatives decided it for her. But I told Frances I would write you a little note and maybe you could throw some light on the subject—altho we do not want you to even suggest it to her. The thot should and must come from her, unsolicited. I feel that if she would rather have just her family for any reason whatever, she should have it that way. And you may not want to be so far away again either. You are to be considered next, after Aunt Ev. Still perhaps you would rather be there getting school than here making no progress. Well, anyhow, think about it and write us. All we think and talk about mostly is that you will be here July 8th.   That is the thing makes us happy. I suppose tho, we should do a little planning too for the future. If Frances is to buy that ticket she felt we should think ahead, so as to know what to do when she starts back. Mother.


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