136 Marvin goes fishing and catches one little sunfish

June 3, 1935

Dear Corinna,

This letter is to be a stinging rebuke. We haven’t had a letter from you since Tuesday. The Post master even has noticed it and told Harriet “I notice she isn’t writing as often this week.” Because Harriet goes in there with the idea there must be a letter and sort of conveys that idea to Mr. Enblom. We shall expect one tomorrow.

A letter from Frances here and I think I will enclose it to you as you will all like to hear of her plans. I must answer it first however.

We went over the S.S. Children’s Day Songs this morning. Rev. Robertson will take charge tonight as Rev. McLeod couldn’t come today. I am invited up to Boliou’s this afternoon to her birthday. I am going to bring her a hanky I have crocheted around. It’s just a beautiful day.

Daddy went fishing at 4 this morning and came home with one little sun fish. Anyhow he had the fun of going.

I wrote Frances just now that I thot you would like the job. Daddy seems to think you must take it and that you will like it very much. I told her I might come down a week and exchange jobs with you. The only thing is we wouldn’t be together but I tell you we’d have to come down every Sunday—what if it would take gas—I just feel reckless enough not to care how much it takes. I told Frances to write to you.

Winnie likes her work—is very busy. I read a nice long letter she wrote to her father last week. They hope he can go down and live with them this winter—perhaps stay with Byron in his apartment. Just now Lundquist is working on the old John Anderson farm some days and then also on Relief jobs other days.

When we come we are all going to help you and Aunt Ev as much as we can. I am training H and G now as to what they must do everytime the opportunity comes. We will have you to tell us what we can do because I’ve found out Aunt Ev isn’t very good at having company work. It rained hard yesterday—first time for over a week. We were so glad. Well So long. Love from Mother.

[Note from Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow, typed 2001: Aunt Frances’ letter said that Mother could take both Gloria and Harriet along even if it would be a little crowded. Winifred had called her and told her she was unable to care for Pen as she had a job, and Aunt Frances is asking if Mother thought Corinna would be willing to care for her for a month. They would leave June 22 for New York. HSD]


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