137 Marvin sells the Whippet car

Myron "Buddy" Covell Stafford

June 4, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I am writing this down at the garage. I just got back from dinner, it’s about 1 o’clock.

Thanks a lot for the tie. I have worn it to Willmar a couple of times and wore it when I played my clarinet solo at Commencement.

Well, we’re all through with school. The last six weeks I got 4 A’s. For final averages this year I got 93 in English, 95 in American History, 90 in Chemistry, and 94 in Latin. I have an average of 92 1/2. Gea has about 94 plus. Yesterday I was up to the school house and all the teachers were getting ready to leave. Miss Branae called me over and said that she wanted to give me a stick of gum for all the sticks she had taken away from me in English Class. She said she bought the package just so she could give me one stick.

Well, I’m going with Ruth Swenson again, we started again about 3 weeks ago when Nora and Ruth invited Sydney and I up for a party at the place where Nora works and of course Ruth and I had to make up again. She’s a darn nice girl, nobody beats her in Willmar. She graduated last Thursday, of course I saw her afterwards. She’s blame good looking and cute and dresses with the best of them. Last Sunday afternoon, Ruth, her sister Gladys, and Glady’s boy friend in Willmar came down and got me at the ball park and we went on a picnic out on the North Shore of Green Lake. We had planned it before, of course. Gladys is about 21 years old and so is her boy friend. She likes me quite a lot, I guess that’s why she took Ruth and I along. We got out there about 3 o’clock and didn’t leave until 8 o’clock. We had all the wieners we could eat and marshmallows with graham crackers and Hershey bars, and olives and buns and mustard. We had a lot of fun and when we got back to Atwater we all saw “The Silver Streak “ about 9 o’clock.

Last nite I had a date, too, and Daddy took the car about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and left me all alone. He didn’t come back so I locked up about a quarter to eight, went home and changed my clothes, and caught the 8:03 bus. Darrell was going along too but he wasn’t ready. When I got into Willmar, here Ruth and Nora happened to be right at the bus stop. Nora went to Church so Ruth and I saw “Star of Midnight”, a pretty good mystery picture. Of course I didn’t have a ride home but about eleven o’clock Ruth and I came out of the show and saw Darrell standing on a street corner. He had come up with Jack Rierson and had a ride back with him. We walked down to Swensons and got up town again about 12:30 and waited an hour till Rierson came to get us. I got home about 2 o’clock.

It’s cold here today about 40 above. We’ve got a fire in the office.

Daddy just left again for New London, this time. I hope he gets back a little earlier. He said he’d be back about 5 or 6 today.

5 o’clock. He just got back and he’s sold the Whippet. I’ve greased a couple of cars this afternoon. If there’s anything more to write, Mother can write it.

Love, Bud.


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