97 Snow is wet enough for coasting on the school hill

March 10, 1935

Dear Corinna,

The Hall party has just departed and of course I am anxious to tell you about it right away. Aunt Nellie wasn’t well enuff to come and Oliver stayed home with her. Ralph and Carol Hall came down with the measles last night so Astrid stayed home with them. So we were only 14. We could have just as well invited Ella’s family too if we had known. Winifred is such a wonderful help. She just goes ahead with everything and always tried to save me work. We had Escalloped Potatoes, meat loaf, cabbage, banana and apple salad, creamed peas, apple pie and cheese, and coffee. Minerva was so sweet and we enjoyed visiting together a lot. Winnie played hymns and had the whole group (except Minerva, Mr. Daniels, Carl Lundquist and me) singing them. There had to be an audience of course. I went up to S.S. for half an hour—enjoyed getting out in the crisp air that much. I hadn’t felt good for a couple of days before so I needed to get out.

We have been talking about you folks of course today. We have been imagining the Reunion today at the R.O.Covell home. Too bad Gladys had to be left behind. I imagine she felt pretty blue.

Daddy failed to buy that box of candy I wrote about—so it will be coming later. Aunt Ev can treat her “candy kids” when it comes, for she likes to give treats to others I’ve noticed.

Daddy took Myron and Darrel to the tournament at Litch Thurs. eve. I thot it was so nice of him and I guess he enjoyed the game the way he talked. He always puts the sweater you sent him on when he goes to things like that. He dressed up in it today.

Myron sits here studying his play and listening to some Whoopee music on the Radio. I don’t see how he can concentrate. The children are out coasting on the school hill—the snow is just wet enough for good coasting. Cecil Hall had a good time using Harriet’s skis.  I wish I could see that little piece of cuddly flesh that came home today—it would be great to see Phyl be introduced to her—Russy, too, for that matter. I’m sure Russy is all O.K. by this time—he just couldn’t be anything else.

You and Peggy Herman are getting to be quite “pally”—you did have a good dinner allright. I never could have gotten any kind of a dinner when I was 18.

There were 191 inoculations up at school on Thursday. They still have more serum and are inviting the country school children to come in a week from tomorrow. I haven’t heard of anyone being real sick from it.

I will have to practice a prelude for Church tonight.

Do you ever listen to the Feen-a-mint Amateur program at 5:15 Central Time—we are listening now. Love from Mother.


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