31 Mrs. Tresk wears an ostrich plume hat to church

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October 16, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Myron is off with his girl. He says he has a new one. I tell him he’s the spoiled only boy of the family and he’s to blame instead of Geraldine. (Her name is Agatha Lawler, a Catholic.) Myron wrote that in parenthesis. He says he’ll never take Geraldine out again in his life. I don’t know the cause of the tragedy because he won’t tell.

Last Sunday night in Church Mrs. Tresk had resurrected another one of her old hats. It was real large and sat on the top of her head, covered with black ostrich plumes—two of them hanging down on one side. It’s a masterpiece and G and H got to giggling before the service and they even got Mrs. Boliou to giggling too. I thot they’d never quit till I got real cross. I had to play so I left H and G in charge of Mrs. Boliou. We told Daddy about it tonight at the supper table and he has seen it (the hat) too and had a good laugh over it. Anyhow Mrs. Tresk is blissfully ignorant of the fun she has given us all. Harriet said once last year “I know one thing that when I get old I’m not going to wear goofy hats like Mrs. Tresk does.”

Yesterday was another lovely one but today has been rainy. Winnie and I went to the League of Women Voters’ at Amy’s today. Katherine Strong led the discussion on Schools—as relating to Taxation and Revision of districts and State aid. Winnie thot the meeting was very interesting. I reviewed the Amendments again. We vote on Winnie’s birthday Nov. 6 and that will be her first chance to vote.

Tonight when I came home from the meeting Harriet had supper all ready and the table set just like you used to do. Daddy and I came at the same time and he could sit right down to and eat. It seemed so nice.

Winnie and I stopped at the store and we each bought you 2 –5 cent hankies—just for fun. They may not wash well so be careful to wash them alone. Winnie said she needs hankies so maybe you could get her that for Christmas.

Byron has been sick—the Dr. thinks he has appendicitis. I hope he doesn’t have to have an operation—how would he ever pay for it?

The fire feels good tonight—we haven’t needed any for a week but I spose now the weather has changed.

Daddy brought home a box of apples tonight and 100 lbs. of sugar—was I ever surprised and glad? Suppose he got it quite a bit cheaper buying so much at a time.

Yes—you boil and mash the sweet potatoes first—then bake them with a little butter, salt, paprika and I think ½ cup hot water for 20 minutes. Then take them out—put on the halved marshmallows and just brown in the oven.

You enjoyed being housekeeper didn’t you? I’ll send your own cook book and Nevin soon—also that up and down piece. I am going to chorus tonight—

Good night and Love from Mother.


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