29 Harriet and Gloria get bracelets and books from Corinna

Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

October 12, 1934

Dear Kinney,

Thanks very much for the bracelets. I like them very much. I gave the smaller ones to Gloria. Is that all right? We both like our books very much, also. I have read both of them but Gloria hasn’t finished hers. I am reading it to her.

We liked your letter very much, Russell. It was very interesting, and also plain to read. Thank you very much for it   You’ll write to us again soon, won’t you, Russell?

Mother says it would be a good plan if you do write to Grandma and Grandpa Stafford. She says they would appreciate it very much.

Has Jimmie got over the fleas yet and have you found anymore on you?

It must have been fun to take the train alone into Brooklyn.

Mother says to thank you for her lovely stockings. She likes them very much. Daddy likes his hankies, too. Buddy likes his note book also.

Well as long as Mother is going down to mail this I will have to stop.

Good-nite   “Hiya”.




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