143 Final letter written to Corinna in New York

Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

June 18, 1935

Dear Kinney,

Mother says I should write the last letter to you as she has not any time to do so. She is awfully busy. I just got a letter from Arline Stafford, my cousin in North Dakota. She started her letter thus—How are you all all?—2 alls. We are all well. She said they had there school picnic on the buttes (low mountains). We are sending some of our clothes today. We are all excited about going to see you. Mother is going with Betty Lundgren to League of Women Voters this afternoon. Mother says for you to hang up our coats when they arrive on Sat. Mom thinks.

Sunday night around 6:30 G and Daddy and I went fishing. G caught 3 sunfish and I did, too. Daddy caught 5 croppies and a few sunfish and boy did they taste good.

Quite a while a go we went to Willmar and got a trench coat for Bud, and Gloria and I rode in the rumble seat of our ford. It’s (the car) a ’29 build. I don’t know anymore to write so

Tood-el-oo   Harriet Pauline Stafford.



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