110 Camp Fire Girls’ Food Sale raises $33

April 8, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Today Uncle Charlie Glader would have been 100 years old. Lutena sent me a letter by air mail asking me to sew a piece of cloth she sent, like this 1835 on a flag and take it out and place it on his grave. So I have just finished sewing  1835 it on and Myron will take me out about 5 I think. When I was stitching it on I began to wonder if it’s lawful to sew anything on a flag. But anyhow I’ve done it to please her.

Betty just called up and wants me to come over and even a dress hem for her. So I am going to sail over on the bike soon and do that for her. Yesterday we went for a little ride in the afternoon in the car and then later I went for a bicycle ride. That’s the best exercise I know of.

I bought cookies at the Food Sale Sat. Harriet picked them out. She was so important—had charge of one of the lunch tables. They made $33.00 for the Camp Fire. It was a sleety, rainy day too but I think everybody in Atwater was there. Daddy and Myron ate lunch late and made it their supper—they served beans for a hot dish.

When Betty and I came home from town Sat. afternoon Tillie was here again. She had come after some of H and G’s (large print) school Weekly Readers to read. Tillie took off her coat then and tried to put it on the chair Betty was sitting in. She saw the back of the chair but not Betty. And Betty slid out from under the coat just in time. We had a good laugh about it and then she tried to talk to Tillie but she didn’t either seem to hear or see on Sat.

I hope that Phyl and Russy escape the mumps now that Barbara is so little. Do you remember how long we were at it in 1931 and Gloria never got it at all? Now I am going to Betty’s. Love from Mother.



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