47 Harriet saves her paper route money to buy ice skates

November 18, 1934

Dear Corinna,

I am listening to a Symphony Orchestra. I am home alone. H and G went out to play altho it is rainy out—(just a fog now)—but it has been raining. We have had no snow yet. I think we have exchanged weather with you New Yorkers.

We rec’d another letter from you this morning—glad you did well in typing but now you must do better in Latin and Shorthand. You can study at noon and I do want you to raise your marks in them this ten weeks. It is fine to have your schedule arranged as it is now.

Well we raised $21.00 at our Cafeteria Lunch—It was advertised like this—

Presbyterian Cafeteria—Lunch



Hot Baked Beans—5 cents each

Friday, November 16th

F.A.Anderson Corner

Merle Kragenbrink declared it was pretty high priced to charge 5 cents for each bean and he had talked so much about it that everyone that came in (just about) cracked the same joke. I really think it was well advertised by his joking and that is why we had such a crowd. So we can thank him for that.

But I was sick yesterday and I hope we won’t have to work like that right away again. We made so much tho’ that I guess we will not need to serve in December.

I bought a couple of metal headed dolls for Pennie and Caroline for Christmas. Pennie’s, I am dressing in small red checkered cloth—a tam, underwear and dress to match—and Caroline’s in small blue checkered cloth. I am using the same pattern I used for Phyllis’—as they too are 14 inch dolls. I want to have them ready to send back with either Karl’s or Paul’s if they should ever come to see us.

Myron, Sidney, Rand and Joey went to the Chicago-Minn.game yesterday. They got a ride down with Geo. Larson and back too and they ushered of course as usual. Myron saw Byron and Uncle Paul but Uncle Karl was busy in his office. Myron said he ushered right at the 50 yard line.

You sent Byron’s card to Annie Glader’s address. She sent it to me and I will give it to Winnie to mail in a letter to Byron. Nellie has been taking care of Mrs. Ruden for about 2 weeks who is sick in bed. Annie said she had been making a dress for herself—and she didn’t know how well it looked but she’d know when the boss came home to pass remarks. Annie depends on Nellie for most everything but she tries to pretend she can get along without her. Well Nellie never has anything but compliments for my sewing.

Harriet is going to save her money now for a pair of ice skates and a Bible. She will get the ice skates right away as they are finishing the rink opposite Hannah’s now and will flood it as soon as it freezes. We have Bibles in numbers but she wants one of her very own and she knows just what kind it is to be too. I am thankful over and over for that paper route which has given both Myron and Harriet so many things they couldn’t have had otherwise.

Mrs. Swenson gave me a lovely green silk dress that has been Ona Larson’s and a red wool that has also been Ona’s to fix over for Harriet. I will clean them up and then fix them when Harriet needs them which I don’t think will be till next year. She still has a red silk dress that Mrs. Kurtz gave me last year you know.

Maxine is home this winter as she cannot get a job. She sews a lot and does it nicely too. Maxine offered to sew a dress for her Mother but Mrs. Swenson told me she refused her as Maxine would make it fit like a glove and Mrs. S. doesn’t like her clothes that way. I said I guessed our oldest daughters were pretty much alike in that.

I went over to see the Hallbergs yesterday—Idella May has pneumonia—but is better. Harriet went along and we took her a few oranges and apples. Mrs. Hallberg said Milo has a good job and is doing well at school. I am glad of that.

I think I will take a walk and mail your letter. I have sat, ever since dinner, reading Time and writing to you. I feel like I need some exercise. It is so warm and comfortable here today—as Myron built a good furnace fire. Most school days I try to get along with the range fire. But this heat makes me lazy. So long Kinny dear and all of you. Love from Mother.



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