101 Myron advertises the Junior Class Play at P.T.A.

March 19, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Just home from the League meeting—Irene Halvorson, Mrs. Dokken and Mrs. Chester Nelson gave us talks on Present Systems of Taxation. Mrs. Leslie was Hostess—Mrs. Thompson assisting. Mrs. Leslie’s home is beautiful—such rich, deep rugs—lovely furniture and wallpaper. The outside is so attractive too—2 bird baths—a gold fish pool and the lawn is already nice. Katherine Strong was there with her two youngest. By the way, one day last week she went by here, with the baby buggy and Douglas and David and a wagon and I said to her “Quite a parade.” “Yes,” she said, “Here’s hoping it doesn’t grow any.” The way she said “Yes” meant volumes. Not long ago she told someone she “Had a black head, a white head, and a red head and the Lord only knows what the next one will be like.”

Tonight is P.T.A. so I’m going again. Dr. Myers of the State U. is to be here to speak on Health. This is to take the place of the regular Demonstration School we used to have in March.

I am sending you the belt you need. I’m glad you’ve outgrown the other one. What is your waist measure now? I wonder if you did go in to New York. That would be nice altho I think they needed you at home too. I was so glad to know Aunt Ev was better. Mrs. Leslie asked about you today and several others too. I’m glad I have always good things to tell.

Myron is going to advertise the Junior Class Play at P.T.A. tonight. He is rehearsing his speech now and dressing up at the same time. When I got home from League it was a quarter to 6 and here sat Daddy eating his own cooking with an injured air about him. H and G are out roller skating. I can hardly get them in to practice since the weather is so nice and the daylight lasts so long. Harriet has done well with her music lesson tho, so far. Olga Arneson told me that Miss Crosby said “Music teaching would be only fun if she could always get pupils like Harriet.”

Harriet says Camp Fire Girls have their Ceremonial meeting, Friday eve, at the schoolhouse so you can think of us there that night. I am to bring a large cake. Well I shall look for a letter tomorrow. Love from Mother.


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