53 Myron plays the organ in church

Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

December 3, 1934

Dear Kinny,

We received your Thanksgiving letter today. I think it’s the neatest typed letter you have written us. I could just see you all—the description of the day was so homey.

Last night Elvira and Ethel and I went to Little Women—such a sweet picture—the Comedy was Three Bears and I enjoyed that too but I was wishing Gloria was there too, to laugh. I don’t think they will let her go back to school Monday because the pox are turned to scabs now on her face.

Elvira and Ethel and Beatrice Ann came in the afternoon and stayed to supper. Beatrice stayed here with H and G while we went to the show.

I’ve had a beastly sick headache all afternoon so I’m not going to church. I’m over the sick part now but I went to bed anyhow. Myron will have to play in church. He has been practicing the Doxology and Gloria and a hymn for offertory. I hate to miss the sermon—I need it so much.

The children and Daddy got dinner and supper and Myron washed the dishes for dinner. I did go to S.S. but I wasn’t feeling so bad then. It’s a good thing I went as there were 3 teachers absent. We were 29 present. It is real cold yet and snow is everywhere. We had gotten so used to thinking it would only rain that the snow came as a surprise.

We shall certainly see the “Barretts of Wimpole Street” if we get a chance. “The Old Wives’ Tale” by Arnold Bennett, which I am reading, is an intimate look into the lives of English people. I am so interested in the book.

Monday. It is snowing again. I have washed and am drying the clothes upstairs. Gloria is home as I thot. I may have a chance to serve as clerk at the Village Election tomorrow—Arnold was in and asked me if I would. Sumner Glader had been appointed but he is a candidate for assessor so I have been suggested as Substitute. I will have to be there at 8:30 and we will be thru counting by 7:30 or 8 in the evening. I think it will be fun. If I do get the job—Gloria will go over to Lundgren’ s for the day as they are just as poxy as we are. It won’t hurt Daddy, Myron and Harriet to lunch at noon and at night.

I think your presents for H and G will be lovely—I will put in a comb and a dime or a compact or something.

Myron did play in church last night. He said it went fine.

I have to go down to get a hair cut so as to look well tomorrow when all the voters in Atwater will look us over. I am going to wear the red wool dress Aunt Ev gave me.

So Love to you all, Mother.


Dear Kinney,

Well as Gloria has chicken pox I imagine I will get them, too. I do hope I won’t get them the nights of the specialty. Marjorie has got them and she doesn’t think she’ll be over them by that time. Mother has my dress all ready though I probably won’t be able to wear it.

We have had a lot of fun in the snow in vacation. We have played fox and geese a lot. We also have been sliding down the school and railroad track hills.

Gloria, Mother, and I are all waiting to hear how Buddy played.

I went to the show “Little Women” which I liked very much. I also liked the comedy. Gloria made me tell her all about the comedy the next day.

Quite a few nights ago I dreamed about you. You had come home and I was not sure if I was to hug and kiss you because I didn’t know if you were really you. I woke up then and so I don’t know anymore.

Well Tood-el-oo from Hiya.


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