96 Ruth washes her green coat in gas

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

March 8, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Your letter mailed Wednesday morning here. I am real glad Gladys at last got to the Hospital with Aunt Evelyn—nice it was a boy too. Gloria has been writing you one of her letters. This will have to be a hasty one as I want Harriet to mail it when she goes to the movie. She and Marjie are going together as usual.

We have plenty of snow again and quite cold. Today, tho—I washed the green coat in gas and now I can get it put together. The lining I washed in Lux. Tomorrow I will be busy baking. Winnie and I have invited Aunt Nellie’s, Minerva’s and Carl Hall’s for Sunday dinner here. Aunt Nellie has been sick but is better and I just got to thinking I wanted to entertain once in her honor. We will be 19 in all—will serve on trays I think.

I’m sure Russy is better now and by the time you get this letter maybe Aunt Ev will be home and the long planned event will be only History. You will be busy but you will like it that Aunt Ev is the head of the house again. Peggy is surely nice to you—Tell her so for me.

No—don’t send me any birthday present—at least not over a dollar. I really will be mad if you do.

Winnie is here now talking to me a blue streak and telling me to hurry as she will mail this. Harriet and Marjie have decided not to go tonight as it’s stormy. When I write next I will tell you all about the Hall party.

I was at W.C.T.U. yesterday at May Johnson’s. Elvira and Beatrice Ann came in in the morning after Beatrice had been inoculated. They stayed for dinner and we went to the W.C.T.U. in the afternoon.

The children’s arms are sore but they are not sick.

Well I really must stop and let Winnie have this. I was so glad to get your letter today. Love from Mother.


Dear Kinney,

I wrote your name on this letter with a fat pencil. Mother says she is going to write to you too. Mother is always good about dishes. Harriet is going to the show and reading Little Men. Mother and I are going to stay home from the show. We got the letter from you tonight and on the letter it said Leon Howell just called this a.m.—they got a boy last nite. I like school. I go to bed early. I study my Geography every nite. I copied my report cart so I will send it. I suppose you are busy. Love, Gloria.

Gloria Stafford


Conduct A     Effort A   Reading C+   Language B   Spelling A-   Handwriting B

Arithmetic A   Geography B+   History B   Health A Music C+ Art C Rel. Edu. 100.


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