86 Myron wins first in Oratory Contest

February 14th, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Your letter written Sat. and Sun. here. Well, you had a good day in New York in spite of the unpleasant part of it. I am sure you tried to be tactful with Eleanor on Monday. I expect it’s all patched up by this time. It would be fine to go on a Sunday next time and hear the big organ in some church. You won’t ever mind going alone now. Of course it’s more fun to have some one to chat with but on the other hand it’s just as well to be able to see what you want to see. It was very interesting—about the Museum and all.

It is snowing again—has been all day. Daddy came home this afternoon to sleep as he has a cold coming on. Myron too says he doesn’t feel real good. He gives his oration tonight. I enclose a picture of 4 people you know taken when the Boy Scouts were in Mpls. ( Field Executive, Lloyd Dowdell, Herb Kragenbring, Ben Holm.)

Florence Backlund and Mrs. Bergstrom, a neighbor of hers, spent the afternoon with me. I was tying a bed pad so they finished it for me and I made coffee for them. Mrs. Bergstrom is a sister-in-law of Mrs. Melin. Eleanor Kallevig and a friend of hers had been to the dentist and they came up for coffee too. I had made rolls yesterday and had cake with pink frosting and red candy hearts on it so it was a real valentine party. I had made the frosting to surprise H and G.

Daddy had a good sleep upstairs this afternoon and just now he brought us a box of candy for a valentine. H and G came home with their arms full from school. H had 27 and Gloria 23. H and G liked their valentines Russy sent.

I just listened to Myron give his oration –he gives it slowly and I like his manner very much. He’s trying to “ape” the prize winner at Kerk last year, I think. I pressed his suit for him this morning and now he is beginning to clean up and dress. It takes him nearly as long as it does a girl, lately.

Next day, Friday: Daddy and I went to the Contest. I enclose a program. Myron won first in Oratory—Eleanor Bergstrom 1st in Dramatic and Gerald Holm 1st in Humorous. Myron has marked the seconds and thirds on the program. They all did very well. Olson told Myron this morning he didn’t know last night, if the judges were the kind that liked that excitable tone of voice or if they liked the deliberative in Oratory but he said evidently they approved of the latter since Myron won. Harry and Lennard had been trained by Amundsen who had them use the first type. Myron’s crutches didn’t bother any. I didn’t even notice them. H and G didn’t go to the Contest—they were too tired. They may want to go Monday eve at the M.E. Church.

Arnold Arneson has been trying to fix the Hoover today. He has ordered a new cord for it and he was in and looked at the washing machine too. I hope he’ll more than look at it. I used Olga Arneson’s Hoover today and that works just fine. You don’t know how queer it seems to come out of Olga’s house now. It nearly unbalances a person. Everything is just turned around and I felt lost. Olga says she still has the feeling every time she steps out—there is the schoolhouse right in front of her and at her back door she looks over at Lundstrom’s house and the alley back of the Norw. Church.

The snow is quite deep and very wet—the children are throwing snowballs and I’d wager they hurt, for the snow can be packed easily today.

Tonight Myron goes to a party the Seniors are giving the Juniors. I’m glad you and Eleanor talked things over so nicely. So the Jews don’t appreciate the Gentiles! That’s a new one isn’t it on us?! Well don’t you remember Ina Faunce said the Negroes in Fergus Falls feel higher in the scale than the whites and feel sorry for the whites? I guess we’re all queer.

Miss Steen told Myron he gave his oration just like she wanted him to. Glad you liked your valentines—all of you. Love from Mother.

The Program was held Thursday, Feb. 14, 1935 in the High School Assembly Room.

Divisions were 5 students in Oratorical, 6 in Dramatic, 4 in Humorous.

Winners in this contest will participate in a Sub-District Declamation Contest, which will be held in the M.E. Church in Atwater on the coming Monday evening at 7:45 o’clock. Admission 10 and 15 cents. Schools represented will be Willmar, Litchfield, Grove City, Paynesville, Howard Lake, and Atwater.



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