108 Harriet sees “Treasure Island” and comes home singing pirate songs

April 3, 1935

Dear Corinna,

This is a rather dark day but I have been so busy I haven’t minded it or looked at the weather until just now. I cleaned your closet this morning and started on your room. I got all the dust down and out of the way and tomorrow I will wash woodwork, windows and polish furniture.

Then this afternoon I’ve been finishing “The Story of Mankind” and I stitched the edge of a bed pad so that is ready to put away.

Your letter of March 31st here today. I don’t think you ought to be mean to Freddie—I’d go and have a good time and let him pay the bill—that is, if he’s any Freddie at all. He can’t be so bad, I shouldn’t think. Of course I don’t know. You certainly are learning to know people of different races—what an opportunity! I suppose is brown-eyed and dark. (He was an Italian named Tony Milito, as I recall. H.)

The Radio is finally fixed and perched on top of the large one. I mean the garage Radio is fixed. The other one still stands as it was. We were without one about 3 weeks and we surely all missed it. Daddy sent it to Willmar—it cost $4 so guess the other one won’t be repaired soon.

Harriet and Marjorie went to see Treasure Island last night. When she came home she “clumped” up on the back porch and into the house singing in a terrible pirate’s voice—“Yo HoHo and a bottle of rum—50 men on a dead man’s chest.” Sometimes she can be a regular tom boy. And of course today she has been breaking into that song every so often.

Gloria’s feet and ankles were so chapped last night from the cold weather we are having that I put Jonteel cold cream on them. You know how that hurts. She always starts to run then—she thinks that helps. Well she ran around here hollering and waving her hands till I thot passersby would come in to see what was the matter. I tried to stop her by running with her and telling her to march instead—and did all sorts of foolish things with her till she said—“people will think we’re crazy.”

Myron went to Band last night. They are going to try to make a go of it this year. Each one must attend 20 of the 25 rehearsals and then they will receive 10 cents for each Rehearsal and 10 cents for each concert—I think that’s well planned for each boy likes all the spending money he can pick up. They had refreshments too last night.

Walter Stromseth just walked home from school in tears because Bobby Larson poked fun at him and said “Ho, ho, Walter has a girl, Walter has a girl.” Gloria and Harriet just started out to deliver papers and get groceries. Gloria went along because she wanted a penny out of the deal.

Harriet is doing well with her music but I have to keep at her to practice. She dreams so much. Time to get supper. Love from Mother.


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