5 Harriet bakes a cake for Bluebirds

Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

Atwater Minn.

August 16, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Mother and I are sitting at the dining room table, alone. It is about 20 minutes to 9p.m. It is thundering and lightening outdoors, but not a drop of rain has come yet. I am sleeping with mother, now that Gloria is out camping.

We like to hear about Phyllis’ funny stunts. We got your letter today and mother thinks that every letter you write gets better. We have received 3 letters from you and Aunt Ev’s. Winnie read your letter and liked it.

Mother mended on your coat today.

Nels Bards and George Larsons are going to the World Fair. Bards are going tomorrow and Larsons later on—I don’t know just when.

Last night we rode out to the lake with Ben Holms and saw Gloria. I bake a chocolate cake and frosted it and brought it out to them. (Bluebirds). This morning I baked some chocolate cookies. I was going to frost them but I got too lazy.

It is hailing and raining now.

___ Next afternoon ___

It is getting hotter and hotter every minute. I have only my sunsuit on. We are all excited about going to Minneapolis Sun. We are going to stay till Wed. eve. Mr. Lundquist is going along. Later on we are going to drive down and go to the State Fair. I have to write on the back page of this as I have not any paper left. Is it all right if sometime I use some of yours that is in your room? I am sending your pictures. It is to hot to write anymore. Mother is going to write you tomorrow.

Goodbye—Love Harriet Stafford


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