139 Myron drives the Model A Coupe to Willmar

June 8, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Saturday eve this is, and tomorrow is the Alumni. They expect there will be 225 here. There is a Welcome Alumni sign across the street in front here and another one on the pavement. Atwater Press has a whole edition full of Alumni news. I will try to get one and send it to you.

Myron has beaten my dining room rug today and I finished the house cleaning this afternoon—for which I am thankful. Do you know what I think I’ll do? I’ll see if I can get a good suit box down town and mail my green coat and Harriet’s and some of our best dresses to you to have to wear when we are there. I am sure we can take only one suit case in the car and I don’t want my coat to get so crushed nor Harriet’s either. Or is that silly? I wrote to Frances and asked her how and what I should pack our things in.

Mr. and Mrs. Malmstrom just called on me—Mr. wanted to know if I remembered how he used to tease Corinna. Do you remember? Carl Malmstrom came over to see me too the other day—he has just finished his 3rd year at Hamline. ROC will remember him—he is one of the boys he chased home in 1922.

Virginia and Gloria have played with their big dolls all day. Harriet baked a cake this morning. She helps me all morning since school is out. Myron is going to Willmar tonight. Daddy is letting him have the car. Daddy sold the last car he had and now he has a Model A Coupe to sell. Myron likes this one because it holds just two.

Yesterday Sanford Nelson and his wife and one of the girls were in a car in Willmar—when Mr. Nelson died and the car went up against the P.C.Peterson store. Mrs. Nelson says he turned and smiled at her just as he died and she couldn’t stop the car but someone rushed up and shut it off. He was a good kind man—Walter Nelson is in Alaska.

Yes—I think you should teach Russy the C Scale now.

This is all now. Love from Mother.



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