24 Ruth sews “like blazes” to make pajamas and a petticoat

October 2, 1934

Dear Corinna,

A lovely day outside—yesterday was too. Uncle Karl came yesterday noon—was on his way to Willmar for a case at 2 o’clock. He had dinner here and we had a little visit with him. He seemed to be feeling good. John has the Chicken Pox. He brought Byron with him but B. went right back with him. B. said he doesn’t like Atwater anymore. It’s too dull. I suppose that’s the way you’ll be, Kinny, when you leave New “Yawk”.

I was thinking, Kinny, it would be a good idea if you mailed your letters every other day but write a little on them every evening of what you have done that day in school or at home or abroad. In that way your postage bill won’t be so high.

Daddy gave me money today to send for warm pajamas for him, Myron and me and warm bedroom slippers for the little girls. I am so glad because we have been so cold. They ought to be here by the next cold spell.

Byron said that horrible noise on the Radio is Elstrom’s motors running. He said if they were rightly grounded it wouldn’t bother. But who would ever dare to ask Frank Elstrom to ground his machines—he’s a man that doesn’t like criticism even tho it’s just—at least I think he is. Perhaps I have misjudged him.

Do you remember that pattern you liked and I cut out last summer? I’ve been thinking maybe I could make you a dress like that for your Christmas present. Would you like that? I think you have plenty now—but you could wear it in the Spring for something new. Yesterday I made Harriet some warm blue checked pajamas. She liked them so well that she went to bed early so as to get into them. There was a little cloth left over and I made Gloria a warm petticoat out of that. I sewed like blazes—didn’t baste anything.

Winifred is well settled now and Hoiseths are moving in. Hoiseth is one of Harriet’s paper customers.

Olga Arneson’s house is up on skids and will soon start across the street. The new location is about the middle of F.A.’s block.

Yes I know where the H.S. is now. Karl said he was glad you could go to a school of 1800—it would do wonders for you—if you can adjust yourself to the changes you are having now—you will be able to tackle anything later. I told him to tell Aunt Esther you appreciated her pressing your dress for you and being so good to you that night. They may come up next Sunday between John’s and Caroline’s chicken poxes.

Same day—later– I have been down town now and had a hair cut. I haven’t had one since that day we got it done in Willmar for 20 cents—that was the last part of July. Barber Johnson started up a shop alone where Swanberg was and they all put the price down to 25 cents for which I am very glad. I went to Adams today and he asked all about you. He, too, said he was glad Corinna had such a chance as you have. You know how quiet he usually is but today he was real enthusiastic about your getting out of Atwater and doing something with yourself and then he talked a lot about his little baby boy. He didn’t mention Marilyn but the other day he had told Myrtle Arneson about how mean she is.

Myrtle and I took another fast walk today before I went down town. She was sewing but needed to get away from it for a little. Bobby just loves school and is such a man since he started.

Eleanor’s address is 1121 5th St. S.E.

I was glad to read Aunt Jennie’s letter. I hope Aunt Ev went to see her Aunt as she planned. Aunt Ev was so good to visit with all us different people so I think you all should go to her folk’s house—I mean this for Uncle ROC—it’s none of my business but those things can hurt. Columbus Day is this week end—isn’t it? I hope she can go then too.

Harriet is just going to collect for her September papers. She can pay Myron another $3 now. I will be glad when she has paid for the bike. Myron is quite dissatisfied sometimes since he has a girl because he can’t get as much spending money as some. I’m really glad we haven’t a car because it keeps him from running around so much. Well I must be at some sewing. Love to all, Mother.


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