142 Ruth prepares for the trip to New York

June 15, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Saturday—we’ve had another big rain in the night but now it is sunny.

I have a new hat—like it very much—it will be soft to travel in. We are beginning to gather some of our clothes together and the girls are very helpful about that. I will write again about Tuesday or Wednesday and then I won’t write again before we see you.

Yesterday Ida Hallberg and I walked out to Elvira’s. They had such a spread for us—they always do. H and G went along too. It was just the right kind of weather to walk in.

Today, I have been transplanting larkspur and zinnias. The ground is perfect for that work now.

I was just over to Olga Peterson’s and offered her some larkspur plants. While there I saw Jewel Peterson (ROC knows him) and his wife from Denver. They were here for the Alumni. Jewel said an old friend of ROC’s had asked him about knowing the Covell boys—Jack Holmberg. Jewel said to remember him to Russell O. so I will tell you now for fear I forget it when I see you.

My, I’m glad you will get your 60 word certificate and I hope you made 90 in the other one. H and G are trying to memorize some pieces to have to play for you when we get there.

I have it so easy, it seems to me, since I finished the house cleaning. I have been baking a batch of cookies every morning, so as to leave a lot of them for Myron. I suppose it will be a mess here when we come home. Well, just so the oil stove hasn’t been turned too high, I don’t care.

Rev. McLeod is to come only every 2 weeks so tomorrow we have only S.S.

Daddy got his father’s Day card today and he was showing it off down at the garage. I am going down soon and help H and G buy him something he needs. It looks like rain again so we had better go at once. We have to mow the lawn twice a week now since there is so much moisture. Myron likes to do that now since Daddy bought a new lawn mower. Love from Mother.


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