93 Myron plays in basketball tournament on his injured ankle

Myron "Buddy" Covell Stafford

March 2, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Saturday eve—just home from the Coffee and Food Sale—proceeds $21.12—Worked hard—I sold coffee by the lb. for the church on which we make 2 cents each lb.

Doesn’t the foregoing sound like Uncle ROC? Brief and to the point.

There was a letter this week from Charlotte which I sent on to Karl and Paul. She said the boys sent 3 dozen American Beauty roses in a basket and Mr. Benson , the undertaker, left them at the Church and told them to take them home. He must have thot they were too beautiful to take out and freeze. Charlotte said George and Martha had them all over to dinner Sat. eve, of the funeral, and they took 6 of the roses to Martha. Charley Beers came home and Grace Niles was going back home with him the next day after she was writing. Charles Niles Jr. would stay at the house and look after things and Charlotte was going back to school. Helen is going to the U this year and Miriam is teaching at Clinton, Minnesota. I’m sure Grace Niles needs a change and I’m glad she went with Charley. Harvey and Nell are in Cal. as you know. I had written to Charlotte to send me a clipping from the newspaper and to write me about the service and she sent me 3 clippings so the boys could see them too.

Today Ray Leslie was wearing a straw hat and I saw him grab May Johnson’s hat and ask her why in the world she was still wearing a winter hat. Mrs. Leslie was mad at him and said she was going to burn it up if she got a chance.

Myron has been writing you the Basket Ball news. My, I’m proud to think you got 90 in shorthand. You know there’s nothing pleases me more than when you get and deserve good marks.

Myron is going down town so I will get him to mail this. He is standing here saying Hurry up! I just wonder how Aunt Ev is tonight. Love to you Mother.


Dear Kinney,

Well, the tournament is over and Belgrade and Willmar will go to the district at Litch. next week.

Thursday afternoon we lost to Belgrade 31-9. I played part of the game and scored 5 points. My ankles got pretty tired, especially the one that wasn’t broken because I had to put most weight on that one. We missed a lot of easy shots and 8 free throws to that’s why we didn’t get close to them. We lost to Litch. 27-14. Horton doesn’t coach anymore and they play pretty clean. Last nite—Belgrade beat Kerk. 18-11 and Willmar beat Paynesville 28-8 in the finals. We are going to play Brooten sometime now after the tournament and that will be our last game.

We’ve started the play (Junior) and I’m the son of Arley R. and Gea L. Phyllis E. is my sister, Darrell my pal. Kenneth N. is Phyllis’ boy friend, for a while and then Darrell cuts him out. Donald R. is a Prince, a fake, and Eleanor G. is another girl and then there are a couple of parts not chosen—the name is “The Unexpected Guest.”

I still go with Ruth Swenson. We broke up once though for about a week but now we’re okay again. I see her a couple of times a week and write to her once a week and she writes, too. “Ain’t Love Grand”. Your brother, Bud.



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