141 Ruth transplants flower seedlings

June 12, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I think the reason Aunt Frances hasn’t written to you yet is that I never got my letter mailed to her for so long. I had to wait till Daddy could get in the $20 I said I was sending them. There was a card from her yesterday, saying I should take a suit case and they would make room for what I needed. I think I will put our shoes in a bundle as that can be stowed away in some corner. I don’t see how Aunt Ev ever got room for all the things they had here. It rained hard again last night. Everything is full of life. I am transplanting every evening and then it kindly rains on it and grows with no trouble at all. I will have some nice flowers when I get back. Myrtle and I have been working together—she gets my plants that have seeded themselves from last year in front of the garden. She and Bobby left for Chicago this morning. They are going to take care of Lillian’s baby while Lillian, Harold and Nancy go on a trip East. Then Lillian may come home here with Myrtle for a visit. Myrtle and Bobby were going all the way to Chicago on a bus. They will be tired.

Went to Willmar yesterday but there weren’t any hats I liked. Maybe I can get one in N.Y. Dollie Boliou has one that I like—a rough plaid cloth hat—a stitched brim turned up behind and a feather on one side. My sailor would get ruined in the car. Guess I’ll just wear a cap when the wind blows hard and go without otherwise till I get to N.Y. I bought H and G some anklets and I lent Myron $3.35 of my own dividend money for a Trench Coat. Daddy is going to pay me back. Myron is beginning to want things like the other boys have. He certainly is a good worker at the garage so he deserves them. Daddy goes away as much as he likes and Buddy is equal to the job.

Aunt Esther hasn’t found a linoleum rug yet. I will wait now to get one till we get back. There really is no hurry about it. It is real warm today—suppose it will rain again tonight. Love from Mother.


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