114 Myron and Darrel finish chopping the wood

April 16, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Tuesday about 5 P.M. It has been lovely today. I have ironed and put things away. H and G have been out all afternoon. This morning H helped me bake pancakes for Darrel and Myron and the rest, too, of course, who have chopped all the rest of the wood. Tomorrow morning they are going to Mpls. So Myron asked me yesterday if I would have a pancake dinner for him and Darrel if they chopped till it was done. He ordered maple flavored syrup, pork sausages and coffee to go with it. All of which we did. They ate pancakes till they could hardly move and I thot they wouldn’t be able to finish but by 2:30 they were thru. Then they took the Radio down to the garage so Daddy, too, could hear the first Baseball Broadcast. I told Daddy he would have to give both boys a little spending money for the game tomorrow and he agreed. I razzed the boys every once in awhile because they were working so hard. Myrtle Arneson was just in to chat awhile and she said “I thot there must be something special on, the way they kept at it.” I shall have to tell Myron that.

Daddy has rounded up some chickens and eggs for Myron to take to Esther. She has to pay so much for them in the city you know so she asked us to buy some for her.

Your letter written Thursday eve came yesterday. If we could come, I think August would be the best month. I certainly want to. But I have learned to take things as they come and I know everything will work out right just as it always does. I’m so glad you could hear those addresses at the school. What is the name of your Latin teacher? You seldom mention her.

The Radio today said tomorrow there will be snow, rain or sleet. Myron and Darrel gave a groan when they heard that. It seems as tho every other day is rainy now. Sunday the dust blew a little but then the heavy snow came down and settled things. How fortunate we are this year!

I am working a little every day on my Book Report—will be glad when I’m thru with that so I can settle down to making the green dress. I wore the green coat and new hat in Mpls. Winnie and Esther were profuse with compliments. Gloria looked around at me once when we were walking in front of Sears and said, “It doesn’t seem like you’re our mother.” Daddy has been here to supper now and I am waiting for the others to come in. Love from Mother.



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