50 Marvin buys 3 tons of coal to keep the house warmer than burning wood

November 27,1934

Dear Corinna,

The air outside is filled with a raw cold mist but in here it is warm and lovely. H and G have helped me so much today—it is now 3 o’clock and they just went out to play. We baked cake and Daddy ground up pork and beef and we made sausage balls—and put them out to freeze. There have been piles of dishes and the girls helped do them all. Then they sneaked upstairs (I could hear what they were doing though) and they changed the bedding and made the beds. They came down trying to look innocent. Myron went to Willmar this morning with Evenson and got a dark brown check overcoat—some green in it—for 12.50. He got a green hat awhile ago with his own money. Now I think he will be satisfied—he has been asking for a coat for so long. He said all the boys had overcoats but him and I guess they did.

H and G and I went to the Basket Ball Game last night. The second team won but the first team lost 21 to 15. Our boys are nearly all small this year—LeRoy, Darrell, Lloyd, Donald and Myron. The New London boys were huge aside of them. Myron made at least 2 of the baskets. Wednesday night they beat the Atwater town team 34-19.

Mrs. Arneson and I went up to the Pep Fest yesterday. Miss Lund had worked up an introduction to the Athletics play and they gave a scene from it. Myron wore Mrs. Arneson’s dress and Ruth Rosenquist’s hat—Harry wore Miss Lund’s dress. It was very funny. Afterwards Myron led the locomotive yell in that dress and hat.

Rec’d your letter yesterday—your typed ones included. It’s fine you have found a girl friend to come home from school with on the bus. I’m sure she’s just as good if she is a Jew.

Daddy got 3 tons of coal yesterday so now we can keep warm. The wood didn’t seem to heat well and I was cold most of the time besides I had to keep running down and putting it in and now the fire keeps awhile.

I’m sure you had a good time shopping Saturday. You never had that much money to buy presents with before have you? I’m so glad for you.

I wish ROC would write me a line sometime too. All I’ve had from him was an “Amen” on one of Aunt Ev’s letters. The silence is appalling. Do you know I couldn’t remember how many l’s there are in appalling—until I looked it up in the dictionary? I’m getting terrible.

I wish either Karl’s or Paul’s would come up. It’s so long since I’ve seen any of them.

Myron just came in and says Minnesota won today 34 to 0. I listened to part of the game but I didn’t hear the end of it. He says you can find the Atwater schedule of B. Ball games in the Nov. 23 Atwater Press—front page. He is chopping wood for the Range now and then Daddy wants to come home and put on upstairs storm windows. Myron really isn’t strong enough to carry those heavy windows up the ladder and I even hate to have Daddy do it. So I will hurry and have the supper ready when he comes. It gets dark so early now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving all of you and we will too. Goodnight, Love from Mother.



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