44 Myron becomes an Eagle Scout

November 11, 1934

Dear Corinna,

I tried to get at writing to you yesterday but it was a fuller day than usual. I superintended Myron in putting on the down stairs storm windows—then H and I baked each a cake. I took the one I made up to Passoneau’s this morning. The 8 Eagle families which are Banker Johnson’s, Nordlies, B. Holm’s, Rich Olson’s, Rev. Bard’s, Passoneau’s, Mrs. Dowdell, and Stafford’s are to serve a banquet in honor of our Eagles right after the Court of Honor this afternoon. I went up to Amy’s yesterday afternoon and helped set the long tables the whole length of her house—or rather width. Mrs. Geo. Larson is to be the one in charge and she has chosen 4 Camp Fire Girls to wait table. The menu is—Escalloped Potatoes, Baked ham, Fruit Jello Salad, Jam, Pickles, candy, nuts, cake and ice cream. Daddy is going to give H and G each a nickel to spend as of course they can’t go. Virginia is coming over to spend the time with H and G. Of course we will let the girls go to the Court of Honor first. Each boy is to be seated between his father and mother. The table is very pretty—2 squashes fashioned into Baskets filled with fruit are the centerpieces—orange candles set in green holders here and there along the table. Daddy is getting cleaned up to go—Mr. Brown is in the garage. H and G are doing the dishes and arguing as usual. There will be a number from Willmar invited to stay to the Banquet. We seated for 39.

There is a Union Armistice Service at the Sw. Luth. Church this eve but I will not try to go to that. I have been hurrying too much lately and I will have to let up a little.

Well your letter concerning your school is here. Sorry it went that way with Shorthand but it’s as Aunt Ev says—marks don’t matter but what you get out of it does. You couldn’t expect to be up with par when you have had all this trouble with your toe. Try a little harder next ten weeks and then later in the Spring if you can’t keep up why it wouldn’t hurt if you even quit for the second semester—(or how do they reckon the school year there). You are getting an education just being in New York and when you have a piano it seems to me you have everything you could want. To even do house work for some one else is a priviledge because you are learning to adjust yourself to new environment. When things happen like that and are plainly the result of circumstances there is nothing to do but accept it. Some good will come of it. Adversity is much better for anyone than prosperity. So don’t feel bad.

Sun.eve. The banquet is over and I am home. It was a great success. We did all the dishes before we left. H and G stayed with Carolyn Passoneau because I wanted to come home and finish your letter—I should have written yesterday. But these things are keeping me so busy. All the rest of the folks went to the Armistice Service at the Luth. Church. Oh yes H and G and Virginia and several others came up for supper after the rest of us were through.

This is all a jumble but I am nearly too tired to write. Myron will mail this—Goodnight dear little girl and don’t worry about your school work. Love, Mother.


Daddy pinned the eagle badge on Myron and Myron gave me the red rose—they forgot to provide pins to pin them on. Mrs. Richard Olson got 2 red roses.



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