68 Listening to Hauptman’s trial on the radio

January 3, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Yesterday it thawed and the day was so lovely that it seemed like Spring—but about 9 o’clock last night the wind came up and it howled all night. Now today is clear and very cold. Elvira wants us to come out this afternoon and stay for supper. I will go early and sew and H and G will come after the papers are delivered. We will all have to wrap up well with scarfs—extra stockings and mittens. I am making myself a pair of pajamas like the ones I sent you—I’ve had them cut out for weeks.

I sent for a pattern like the one enclosed, for my blue silk. I thot maybe you’d see some silvered ribbon for a bow some day and two buttons for the back and a buckle to sort of match the ribbon. Maybe Aunt Evelyn will see some, some day when she is shopping. I will enclose a dollar bill in this and if there is any left over you can use it for stamps. It says 7/8 yard is enough for the bow.

I cleaned the front closet yesterday when it was so nice. I told Elvira I waited for a nice day, while the fact of the matter is I just finally got time to do it. I have been baking some ginger cookies this morning. I bought myself a new large crinkled edge cookie cutter yesterday and of course I had to try it.

Your letter enclosing Myrtle’s and Byron’s and Winifred’s came yesterday. Hope Uncle ROC’s cold is broken up by this time and that he is at work. You are back at school today as this is Thursday. Well, you weigh about 10 lbs. more than I do now. My dresses ought to fit you soon—loose on me and snug on you, which is the way we both like them.

Gloria is practicing “Kinder-Marsch” in the second grade book now. She gets it very well.

Friday morning—Jan. 4

We stayed so late out to Wilson’s that I didn’t finish this. Mr. Reamer took us home. I finished the pajamas.

W.C.T.U. meets today at Edith Strong’s. The wind is high today but as all the snow is so packed, there is no blizzard.

Myron went out on an overnight hike with the boy scouts last night. They were to sleep at Geo. Larson’s cottage—I don’t think they chose very decent weather in which to do it.

Harriet pulled a tooth last night and of course she put it under a glass on the kitchen table. Gloria and she planned to fix up a piece of candy that looked like a tooth for Gloria. They colored it red and black with crayolas. So when Daddy came this noon I told him to see if he could tell which one was genuine. He could, but he put a nickel under each glass anyhow.

A letter came from Charlotte Beers today. Miriam is teaching in Clinton, Helen is attending Hamline and Charles has been on the Administrative Discharge (whatever that is)of the C.C.C. (or else she said he got an admin. discharge). But now he is going to stay home and help Grace take care of Aunt Mira who had a stroke in October. She is in bed all the time—knows no one and may slip away anytime. Charlotte is still teaching in Akeley.

We have been listening to the account on the Radio of Hauptman’s trial. Do you? Myron is home now—looks sleepy. This is all now. Love from Mother.



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