1 Corinna leaves for New York

Corinna, Myron, Gloria, Harriet, Ruth, Marvin on Corinna’s 1934 graduation from Atwater HS

August 6, 1934

Dear Corinna,

We have all been traveling with you today. We took the train at 8:15 and in an hour or so we were somewhere in Wisconsin. By now, I suppose you know all the ins and outs of eating in a diner. I know you are enjoying the new thrills.

We got home a little after 12. My headache wasn’t bad. I gagged a little so as to scare everyone in the car but then I went to sleep and slept all the way home. Everyone slept but Myron. He drove all the way.

I have ironed some today. Harriet got most of the dinner with me directing her while I was ironing. She even pounded flour into the steak and fried it. Then she and Gloria did the dishes. I have been gathering your things together—and packing them. I pressed the skirts thinking it might take away some of the gas odor. When you open the box it may be pretty strong—however. Hang them by themselves in y our room for a time if there are places to hang them.

Harriet has been dusting your room—carried up all her dresses to your closet—also her box of underwear etc. She wants Marjorie to sleep with her tonight. I hope Mrs. Lundgren will let her, as Harriet will be so disappointed if she can’t.

Elvira called up and invited me out for Thursday afternoon. She had the stomach flu yesterday. I meant to find out if Russell and Phyllis had been sick but they couldn’t have been or they would have mentioned it. I hope they won’t be sick on the train.

Myrtle and her father and Bobby just drove off somewhere. Daddy went to Willmar so he wasn’t home for dinner. Myron came home while Mr. Brown was there at the garage. I told him I wanted a large box for you and he brought one at least twice as deep as the one I’m sending you. I found this better one in the Basement.

[Editor’s note: the “garage” mentioned throughout these letters is the Stafford & Thompson gas station on Hwy 12 operated by Marvin Stafford and Bud Thompson. Holm’s History of Atwater indicates that the gas station began business ca. 1932 (p. 262).]

I hope you will not neglect writing—we will be so glad to get your letters—be sure to tell us all about the children and your trip.

I am not sure if I should send the aluminum chloride. I’m afraid it will leak out. I’ll see.

Gloria is making mud pies. I nailed 2 peaches boxes up on the evergreen for cupboards. Virginia has the same at her house and they both are so busy keeping house and occasionally glancing at one another across the lawn.

Well Daddy is here now and your box is going. I hope it will arrive safely. Let me know. I will write again as soon as I receive your letter. Love from your Mother.

If you need money we will send some soon.


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