35 Gloria and Harriet get a P and G circus coloring book

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen and Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

October 25, 1934

Dear Kinney,

I have studied my Geography good. I have all ready studied about Bombo’s land and now I am studying Nandla’s land. Bombo’s is a little black boy. He lives in Africa. Nandla is a little Eskimo boy. He lives in the artic circle. Daddy has gone to Minneapolis with John Brown this morning to get a new car. Bobby is much better.

Harriet went up town and brought some P and G soap and we got a circus book and there are prizes you can get $200 and pictures in the insides. Bobby has some nice candy and they are good he gave us some. Bobby has to stay in bed about one more week. He cannot have any candy yet. He looked so cute in his bed. He likes his nurse. The nurse is cute too. He keeps his letter from you on the window sill, Near his bed. He let us read it. Love, Gloria


Dear Kinney,

Mother says Gloria and I must write to you as she is sewing a pair of pajamas (flannel) for you. She was going to have it for a Christmas present but she thinks you might have a headache some night and feel cold so she is going to send them soon.

After you have looked at those Christmas presents, wrap them up nice. (Mother says).

The other night Daddy rode my bike all over the yard. He had a jolly time.

That was pretty clever of Russell to say you had fleas again. Everybody is selling magazines around here, too, Russ.

We Camp Fire Girls are going on a hike next Monday (probably today for you.) We are going to bring our own lunch and two people bring the same and two people have 1 fire.

We are having thought problems in Arithmetic in school now. They aren’t so easy, either.

Well, Kinney, Mother started your pajamas at 4 o’clock and is now finished at 7:45. She went downtown on the bike to get the flannel this afternoon.

Daddy has gone to Minneapolis to get a car, FINALLY. I hope we get a decent one this time.

Bobby is very much better today.

Tood-el-oooo,   Harriet Pauline Stafford.

P.S. Has Russell got one of those coloring P and G Circus books where you win some prizes? Gloria and I have and I have sent mine in but Gloria hasn’t and isn’t going to. You can win 200 dollars on a prize.

We have just been over to Bobby’s and has he ever got lots of candy and suckers. Bobby likes his card from you very much. Doc Anderson called here and told us to tell them that he couldn’t come up to-nite but early to-morrow morning. And the nurse might as well stay all nite. Good-nite, Harriet S.



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