69 W.C.T.U. meeting

January 6, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Russy’s, Aunt Ev’s and your letter came Friday afternoon. Russy wrote a fine letter. We opened his first. Thank you for all of them. I hope the private hospital that you have been running is overwith and everyone on their feet.

Friday afternoon, before we were ready to go to W.C.T.U. Ella Hall and Virgie and the two little girls came to spend the afternoon. Well, we visited awhile and then I invited them all to go with me to W.C.T.U., because I had to go on account of H and G singing. Virgie didn’t care much about it but she went tho, and of course Ella liked to go. Rev. Bard gave the talk and it was a very interesting meeting.

But that night I had a sick headache—I felt it coming on all day and shouldn’t have eaten but I guess it would have come anyhow. So yesterday I didn’t feel very peppy. I went for a walk with Harriet to deliver papers. Then we all went to bed early.

I saw Lundquist on the way to S.S. today. He said Winnie is O.K. We invited him to dinner but he said his dinner was started at home.

I read your letter to the S.S. this morning. Mrs. Glader doesn’t come anymore—said she would take a vacation for the winter months. Rev. Robertson called up last night and asked me to play a prelude tonight at church. His sermon is to be an explanation of the different parts of the regular service—what their purpose is and the why of them. So he wants the full amount of music which of course adds to the service.

My 37 cent curtains came and they look nice—both blue and yellow in them. I am anxious to get them pressed and put up.

H and G wore their wine-colored dresses to W.C.T.U. and of course I wore my black one—Ella put some rouge on me and I felt very “chic”. I think I was about the nicest gowned there. Elvira says she will have to buy some clothes if she is going to travel with me.

The two weeks of vacation are over and the children will have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning. I have let them sleep till 9 most of the time—except Sundays when they had to deliver the papers. It will be a good thing for us all to get back to routine again.

Myron is over at Harry Peterson’s practicing with Reamer’s Orchestra. He hasn’t written his Thank you notes yet. Today when the broadcaster announced, “Lazy Dan, the laziest man in the world”, I said, “No, I know one lazier.” He obliged me with a smile behind his newspaper. I tell him, he’ll be another Uncle Burness if he doesn’t watch out. Honestly, I’m afraid of it. He and Donald Ramey and Darrel Dowdell just fool away all their time. I must practice my prelude now so this is all. Love from Mother.




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