129 Nellie cleans and oils the kitchen clock and gets it running again

May 18, 1935

Dear Corinna,

We have been talking about you and you’re being 19 today. Last night at 6, Daddy and I imagined you and Aunt Ev on the train into New York or at the Pa. Station. Suppose you went right after Barbara was fed. I could imagine it best, of course, because I had done the same thing once. Hope you rec’d the box in time and I’m sure you did. This has been a pleasant day here. Nellie came this morning and we visited for all we were worth. Then she baked an angel food in honor of your birthday and we will eat it tomorrow. She goes back tomorrow with Jo Isaacson. Just now she has gone up to the Cemetery with S.E. Peterson’s. Harriet is shadowing her as usual. Gloria goes out to play, but comes in, often, to make sure she is still around. Gloria sat by her at the table since Harriet is to sleep with her.

This morning when Nellie saw the kitchen clock wouldn’t run she took it down—took off the face and hands and poured some gasoline on it to clean it (out on the porch) then she oiled it and it’s running fine. Nellie is always doing something like that for me.

She’s been praising my sewing to beat the cars—looked it all over carefully and pronounced it perfect.

Myron is all ready to go to the Banquet. He looks “iligant”. He has white shoes—cost $4.00. But they can be dyed in the Fall so I think it’s allright. I pressed his suit real nice. I wish you could all see him right now. He took the bandage off his foot today. He sits in the other room now on a straight backed chair hardly daring to move for fear he spoils himself in some way, before he gets into the car and goes to Crescent Beach to the Banquet. I’ve been laughing at him and he just smiles.

Miss Steen brought the boys in to practice “My Wild Irish Rose” yesterday during school time. Myron sings the alto part in it at the Banquet. Harriet is playing for him now and he is singing. I suppose Roswell and family are at your house today—was surprised to hear he is married. Nellie and I are going down town together tonight.

Love from Mother.


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