121 Harriet and Ruth make May baskets for Miss Branae’s shower

Myron "Buddy" Covell Stafford

April 30, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I meant to get this mailed tonight but Curfew just rang so this letter will reach you a day late. H and G are in the midst of May basket making and filling. They are enjoying it but should be in bed instead. I haven’t the heart to make them quit just yet.

We surely expected a letter from you today. I suppose it will be here in the morning. Myron has gone to Band Practice. I took his horn and music up to the Hall for him as he can’t manage that with his crutches. He went along to Eden Valley today to the game as Assistant Coach. Atwater won 14-0.

Marjorie Lundgren was here this eve awhile, studying Geog. with Harriet. Last night H and I went up to Esther Larson’s and made May baskets for the Branae shower. We are going to serve the most of the lunch in a tissue paper May basket—each one gets one—we made them of all shades so it will be a pretty sight.

I finished the green dress this afternoon. I like it a lot—so does Myrtle Arneson. She evened the hem for me of course. The pattern is easy to put together and was only a little large on the hips—a 13 year old pattern.

Esther Larson gave me a couple of house dresses that are too short for Gea and Ona and that rose and white silk dress that Gea wore with the large yoke and capes. You could wear that if it were taken in on the sides a little.

I will soon be sending you a birthday box. If it comes early perhaps you had better wait till the 18th to open it. The Junior Banquet is the 18th of May. I saw Gea’s banquet dress last night—a very lovely thing! Myron’s suit will be allright if I clean and press it. He has worn it often this winter.

Harriet has “Dawn” by Nevin for her next lesson. She gets the notes but not much expression so far.

Myron is here now from Band. He says Winnie told him Byron has a job—at least a temporary one.

Dear Sis,

Mother has gone to bed so I’ll right (some speller, isn’t he? Mother) a few lines. I’m listening to the radio. Tell Russy I’ll right to him soon, as soon as I get my work made up.

We are having our banquet out at Crescent Beach Inn on the 18th of May. I think we might dance out at it.

It’s been just a week today since I broke this ankle and I suppose I’ll be on crutches for 21/2 or 3 more weeks.

Our new teachers have been hired but I don’t know what their names are. Most of them are just out of college.

I got two letters from Willmar today, one from Nora and one from Ruth. I don’t go with either of them anymore but they wrote about my ankle, both were long letters—they’re pretty nice girls.

We play Olivia, here, tomorrow and we also have a game with Eden Valley , here, Friday.

We’re going to have orchestra tomorrow nite, at Harry Peterson’s—Doc Reamer and his boys—Sidney G. plays in it now too. Lee plays the sax.

The Seniors are working on their play, George Gets Going. They’re going to give it May 8 and 9. Lloyd Dowdell is George, a detective, Going is the name of the villain or crook, Harry Peterson, and so George finally gets Going. Get it?

I saw the show in Willmar Sun. afternoon—“Reckless”—Jean Harlow and Wm. Powell. Chuck Rhodes took Sidney and me (Sidney drove).

Well it’s about 10:30 P.M. so I guess I’d better hit the hay! So long!

Yours very truly, Myron Covell Stafford, Corrina’s brother. Heh! Heh!


Wednesday—It’s raining –all day rain and hard! I have baked my W.C.T.U. cake this morning and also some cookies. This afternoon I am going up to Esther Larson’s and help her iron. I feel I ought to help her get ready as I really should have had the Social meeting this time. Tomorrow I will be busy at the W.C.T.U. at Victor Nelsons in the afternoon.

Your letter telling of your trip, here this noon. If you aren’t the smart girl! Now I guess Uncle Karl will be satisfied.    That is what he wanted you to learn to do—find your way around N.Y. alone. And the pictures! Do you realize that’s the first time we’ve seen your N.Y. face since last August? You’ve changed—more than you know—you are fat. I am going to take them up to show Esther I think. Well this must be mailed today so I am going to take it along with me. Harriet has her collecting to do tonight besides getting quite a few groceries. Perhaps Daddy will help her out as it is hard to do it all in the rain.

Russy always takes such a wistful picture just like his Daddy used to. They both look good—Russy has grown of course but Phyl looks the same and Barbara is surely chubby and bright looking. Phyl had better look out or she’ll be outclassed. Love from Mother.


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