81 Doc Anderson binds Myron’s ankle

February 3, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Sunday P.M. Myron still sits waiting for Dr. Anderson. Good experience for Myron—the world isn’t running to his tune. He can’t understand it!! It’s a good lesson in patience! His boy friends are not just fair weather friends tho, for they literally camp here. They were here two or three at a time all day yesterday. They bought magazines and sat together and read stories. And they have been here all morning and now Donald Ramey is here since dinner.

Last night Sidney, Darrell (with Myron’s girl) and Gerry went up to Willmar and got their girls and came and spent the evening with Myron. H, G and I went to bed in your room. Gloria was in the middle and she kicked so that I got up and came downstairs to sleep after the young folks had gone.

In the afternoon yesterday I went downtown and then up to Christenson’s with some rolls for Grandma Peterson and I played the organ awhile for her. That seemed to please her.

I had to both play and be Supt. at S.S. this morning. Dolly Boliou says she never touches the piano anymore and she didn’t want to play. Phyllis said she never practiced and Harriet wasn’t there yet, so I just tho’t –allright, before I ask anyone else, I’ll do it myself. There were only a few out—it got to be more tho by the time all the late Lipsit’s got there.

Byron came home last night—he looks good I think. He laughed till he nearly split his side when Daddy asked him how he felt since they took his “weiner” out. He tells how dead it is here and how he wishes he was in Mpls. If you ever do that when you come back to Atwater! It makes the natives mad. Winifred was over yesterday and she too is ready to expire in Atwater—don’t say anything when you write tho.

If we could better ourselves tho I’d just as soon move to a larger place—all I care is to have H and G with me—they are such dear little pals.

Mrs. Geo. Jones called up yesterday and said she had a box of home made candy ready for Myron if Gloria would come and get it. Gloria was more than willing as Mrs. Jones said Myron was to treat the little girls. Gerry Holm just came back and as he walked in he said, “I go home for meals anyway.”

Myron is as disgusted as can be. Just now he said, “Some day, that Doc Anderson is going to wake up and find himself with no patients.” We all gave him the Haha! Now Leonard Eide is here.

5:30 P.M. Doc came then and 6 boys sat and watched him bind up his ankle. They were an interested bunch. Daddy took H, G and me out to see Aunt Nellie and Minerva. We went in an old one horse Chevrolet rig. H and G sat in tool box behind. They had a good time. Aunt Nellie was well and happy to have us come. Minerva’s were there too and we all had coffee together. Aunt Nellie said she sent Russell a Christmas card with no street number on it so it came back. She said to greet you all. Minerva and I did up the dishes as Sanford Nelson’s came too and Aunt Nellie visited with them. Minerva was telling me about the day ROC was 18. A blizzard came up just as she was leaving school. She couldn’t see the track in the road but she could feel if she was on the road or not by how hard it was compared to the soft snow by the side. So she felt her way home. Then she baked a birthday cake for ROC and frosted with white of egg frosting (like Mother used to make) and ground raisins in it. Then he wanted to invite Fred and his cousin over for lunch and Minerva said he could and they came. There was so much snow then that there was only a tunnel out from the door to get out of. Mother was down here with Miriam that winter. I like to think back to those times—not with pleasure exactly—but just “memories”. I gave Lila that dress and a brown jumper and the green celanese voile. She liked them all. I must go over and see Byron now or he’ll think I don’t care about him at all.

Daddy took H and G up the street with them on the sled behind. They fell off as they turned the corner here and up they jumped and on again. He was careful and slow.

Has Aunt Evelyn decided if I can make anything for her?

Daddy says maybe he can take me to Willmar this week to get you something for a valentine—I guess he’s so overawed by your birthday present that’s coming that he thinks he has to do something in a big way too. Love from Mother.


I am over at Byron’s and Winnie’s—Byron got your letter.



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