120 Marvin brings home the radio to listen to the ball game

April 28, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Your Friday A.M. letter here before I went to S.S. I read it hastily even tho I should be getting ready for S.S. Hope you did go alone on the Subway. I can’t believe you’d let your fears conquer you. I went on that Ferry ride too, you know, but hardly alone. So Tommy is in favor, is he? (Tommy Milito, I think, rather than Tony) HSD

I have the dinner on cooking—Myron hasn’t come home yet—he is waiting for Daddy to bring him in the car. Dr. A. bandaged it yesterday and Myron is so glad to go on crutches. Dr. A. is keeping Fay Coburn right in bed this time. She has dislocated her knee 3 times now since she started using these crutches. She and Myron joked one another up at school before, but now of course they haven’t seen each other this time.

We started practicing for Children’s Day this morning—some real pretty songs. There is one thing about our S.S.—they sing well and learn the songs easily. Of course Myron’s strong voice leads them all and that helps the less musical ones.

I saw Ida Hallberg in the store yesterday. She looks terrible—just as tho there was nothing more to live for.

Did I tell you what I got for the rest of my birthday money? Mr. Nordlie let me have a not less than 5% wool blanket for $2.00 so I got one for Daddy’s and Myron’s bed. I want to replace those old worn quilts on their bed, as soon as I can and I am going to use blankets so I can wash them easily.

It rained again in the night—isn’t that wonderful? You just don’t know how lovely it is to see things getting green when I think of how it was last Spring.


Daddy thinks he’s smart. He and Myron just brought home that precious Radio—must be there’s a ball game this afternoon.

Carl Lundquist was in this morning. He gets our Daily when we’re thru with it. He said Byron has no job yet. Winifred was up to Willmar and got $3.30 in cash to buy her Dad some underwear and other things they had to have—she got it at the Relief Headquarters.

Lazy Dan is on our Radio at 12 today so now I suppose you are two hours ahead of us again. I understood Edward McHugh to say yesterday that he wouldn’t be singing anymore. We sing that song in S.S. every Sunday now after the Scripture Reading.

Tillie just came. I was tempted to run and hide but I didn’t. She is reading the children’s school papers. She looks clean today. It has turned cold and windy this afternoon. I must practice a prelude now. Love from Mother.



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