122 Sleet storm takes down telephone poles and lines

May 3, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Harriet and I got home from the Camp Fire shower after 12 last night. Miss Branae was much pleased and surprised. It was a colorful party with the tissue paper baskets and dainty favors. H had the time of her life. She was a flower girl (also Marjorie) in the Mock Wedding—Myrtle Appelgren the preacher. Perhaps Harriet will write and tell you all about it. Do you remember how long it used to take her to get all the details of an affair told?

I have put your pictures and Barbara’s up in the dining room to the right of the bedroom doorway, where I had Russy’s and Pals’ last summer so we can look at them whenever we go by. Your suit is so nice on you and of course we have looked closely at all the rest of the outfit. The vine makes a pretty background.

I feel tired today of course but I’m not sick. I am going to stay home for awhile now and clean up this dirty house. My social activities have been too many this week. Myron says he wishes I’d bake cake for the folks at home once in awhile instead of for everybody else. Miss Stenberg has been sick all week with the Flu. So she wasn’t at the party. Lucile has been teaching for her.

There were about a dozen folks at the W.C.T.U. yesterday. Suppose you have read about the terrible storm we’ve had. It snowed sleet and snow all day Wednesday and most of yesterday.   Telephone poles and lines were down everywhere. Reamer couldn’t even get into town with his car except around by the Joel Nelson road. Electricity was off all night Wednesday from 5 o’clock in the afternoon so everyone got their one last lamp out. Jo Stark’s run their incubator with electricity and they were afraid they might lose their 1500 eggs they were hatching but I guess it went down only 4 degrees (not enough to spoil them).

I helped Esther Larson iron Wed. afternoon and the electricity went off just as I went home. The trees are all coated with snow yet on the East side. And mud is everywhere.

Myron and Darrel and Sidney kept Gloria company last night. There was an extra May basket so Esther sent it home to Gloria. She ate the contents for breakfast—when she ate the last thing out of it—she said like Miss Branae did–”This is fun, I wish I could do it over again.” I am sending you some pictures. Maybe Aunt Ev would like to have the one of Myron, Harriet and Gloria and also one of Myron alone. You can look at them even if they are for her. I will have some more finished. The sun is shining. Love from Mother.


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