15 Marvin and Ruth’s 20-year wedding anniversary

September 12,1934

Dear Corinna and all,

I just wrote the date and remembered Daddy and I have been married 20 years today and that Grandpa Hall would have been 96 years old if he had lived. And here I am twenty years after—writing to my 18 year old daughter.

Daddy didn’t come home to dinner today so I just sent him down a couple of hot roast beef sandwiches made out of luscious new white bread—if I do say it myself.

So I don’t suppose he knows he had been married 20 years. I’ll have to tell him about it tonight.

Glad you had to take the train alone to the Dr.—good training for you. I want you to learn everything you can whenever opportunity comes. But you neglected to tell what happened after you left the Dr.   Did Uncle ROC wait for you there?

My but I think Russell is a good boy to stay in bed like that. I wish I could be like that—I mean contented with things as they are. I think he’s just a marvel and blessed with a wonderful disposition and now I’m going to tell you who he is exactly like—his grandma—Minnie Corinna Hall Covell. She was just the loveliest person to live with that ever lived—I read your letter aloud and Myron was tickled over Phyl’s contribution.

Thank you for the tan ribbon, Aunt Ev.

I called up Mr. Olson and he came over this noon. He will send the filled out blank tomorrow. He said Social Science is a practical subject—the course here follows requirements for Minnesota. He was going to add something of your work in Music as the outstanding accomplishment. I asked him if Maxine didn’t have to take more language and he said “Yes—a modern language”, as French, Spanish and German. Well, anyhow he said he’d be glad to write for you and explain to the School. But however it goes—don’t worry about it—just do the “next” thing—you know what I mean—whatever presents itself and seems to be solvable, (is there a word like that?) that is the thing to do. Each day unwraps itself and events follow one another easily if you “let” them. You know—“As thy day—so shall thy strength be”.

How nice of Audrey Brion! I’m glad you know her. I was in that Gift Shop with Aunt Ev.—it’s on the way downtown, the other side of the pear trees—isn’t it?

Yes, I was in the M.E.Church too and I’m glad I was, and yet I wish I had gone to Aunt Ev’s Church so I could have seen that. I think I could very well adapt myself to that sort of service for my ideas of worship are changing and I like the formal thotful ritual better than emotionalism. I think it is more God-like. I miss church so much—there still is no service here in ours and the other churches have not been having evening services –which of course is the only time I can go.

Well I want to sew a little now so I had better close. Hope you receive this before Saturday or by that time. Love to all of you,   Mother and Ruth.


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