145 Ruth votes in the school board election

July 17,1935

Dear Corinna,

It is hot and windy today. We all wish it would rain. Yesterday Mrs. Glader and I finished our talks on “Traffic in Munitions and Control.” We had the meeting at Reamer’s. The day before was Tillie’s birthday and she had been here the Saturday before and told me about it and here I forgot it. And you remember last year you forgot to tell me. Hannah came in last night on her way to school meeting to ask me why I didn’t come. I’ve felt uncomfortable ever since.

I went up and voted last night—there was a big crowd out. George Larson, Nels Anderson and May Johnson were reelected. Solomonson, Charles Holmberg, Ed Lundgren (and I don’t remember the other two) were running against them. I voted for the old ones because I knew they stood for a new building and these didn’t. There seems to be a lot of ill-feeling because the board wants a new building.

May Johnson went to Mpls. last Sunday to see her granddaughter—Helen’s baby—Patricia May.

Tonight I have to go up to the Church to a Ladies’ Aid business meeting. They are planning a coffee and food Sale for next Saturday at the Fairway. I just dread the work especially if it’s hot. Ida Hallberg isn’t going to help she told me. She looks so tired and hopeless yet. Mrs. Manning is gone for the week too so we’ll be fewer than ever.

I went to the M.E.Church Sunday night. Rev. Bard gave a good sermon. Then we went for a walk as it was too nice to go in and we mailed your letter.

Shirley Holm is here and she, H and G are making doll clothes.

Last night the Lundgren 3 and H and G went to see the Quintuplet Movie. I am going to help Mrs. Lundgren with some sewing to pay her back for washing for Myron.

Myron has been working for Bud Thompson some lately. He and Harriet have been sleeping on the floor again down here. Last night he was up twice—he told me there was a dog in the pantry and made me go with him to find it. I showed him there wasn’t any and then he went back to bed.

Daddy thinks he has sold a new car to Alice, but keep it under your hat. I mean the car of course. They may be down to get it soon. I’ll be looking for a letter from you tomorrow. Love from Mother.


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