59 Myron works on a grease job at the garage; sells 60 gallons of gas in one afternoon

December 15, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Saturday eve has rolled around again. The Swedish church bell has just been ringing and my thoughts have been with the well being of you, and my brothers and theirs, and those here at home just as Mama’s were.

H and G have gone down to get me some psyllium seed and Myron has dressed up and gone down to meet the boys. He wore his good suit and new coat but no hat because he was afraid the wet snow would spoil it. Daddy has been to Green Lake all afternoon getting a barrel of lake water for his batteries. I don’t see why he didn’t just go to Diamond Lake. Myron has worked at the garage all day—had a grease job—sold 60 gallons of gas just this afternoon. He said he had earned his board and room today.

I was down town this afternoon and met Elvira there. She and Beatrice came home with me and we chatted a little while before supper. Your classmate, the Thorpe girl asked about you and sent greetings to you—I saw her in the store. Leona is her name I remember. The stores are full and the streets crowded with cars. Lucile is working in the Big Store. I bought a sofa cushion cover from her for Marjorie Lundgren. It is easy to work and Marjorie likes to sew so well so I think she will like it.

I’m glad they did so well at the garage today as I want to buy a few more things the first of the week. For Harriet and Gloria I am going to give them each 50cents to put in the purses you are sending.

I wrote to Uncle Paul last night and told him to try to come up Christmas Eve and bring Byron and Winifred along. They both will have Christmas Day off—so she wrote to her Dad. I feel so lonesome with her gone. I think I’ll go too. I’ll try to have Lundquist come over for dinner tomorrow. He was in Friday with a letter from Winnie for me to read.

Thank you for the Fudge Square recipe. Harriet made some today and they are good—so good that only half of them are left for Sunday. I made apple sauce fruit cake and some cookies, too, tho.

I think I told you the boys were defeated at Kerkhoven—30-9 and also at Murdock last night 26-16. That will set them down a bit. Benson gave them a good calling down after the first half so they scored 15 points in the second half.

We have received 2 large and 2 smaller packages from you.

Harriet is ready to run down and mail this—she is telling me to hurry.

Love from Mother.


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