84 Ruth helps out at Boy Scouts’ pancake fundraiser

February 10. 1935

Dear Corinna,

I am sending a box to ROC and Evelyn—containing each a little reminder that they are having birthdays. It’s nothing at all—hardly worth sending but I thot Aunt Ev could perfume the hanky you give her and take it in her purse to the Hospital to smell real sweet.

Yesterday was too much for me. I helped with the pancakes from 11 till 6:30 and I’m all in. I didn’t even go to S.S. Florence Backlund wanted me and the little girls to go with her to Willmar this afternoon but I had to call her and tell her I couldn’t go. H and G were pretty disappointed but Daddy bought them off with a dime each which I told him was entirely too much, but that’s his affair of course. Daddy went down and got me some Bromo Seltzer and now I feel better.

We ladies had a good time tho. First Ethel and I turned pancakes and Amy mixed for our griddles but then I changed jobs and made the coffee and poured it for the boys. That was much easier as I could sit down. The other ladies worked terribly hard I thot. The boys made about $30. I guess. Myron had charge of the fish pond for awhile.

During a lull in the afternoon H and I went into the Drug Store and picked out her fountain pen which I am using. It has a fine point as you see—is Royal Blue Moore Pen—Indestructible material it says on the band. It was marked $3.50 but Herbert said pens move so slowly, that he let her have it for $2.75. She spends a lot of time writing today as you may well know. I told her she’d better write to you but now she and G have gone over to Bard’s to see Virginia. Virginia has been real sick for 2 weeks and is as white as a ghost. She is so listless that Mrs. Bard says she hasn’t even cared to have Gloria come over till today.

Harriet gave me all her money for a rug yesterday– $6.07 so now I am going to order one right away and will be able to pay the rest of it at the end of February. I’m so anxious to get this evil-worn out looking rug pitched out of this house. I can’t think of bad enough words for it just now. So you see now it’s really my paper route but Harriet delivers for me.

Myron still practices his oration but he says it goes very poorly—standing 12 minutes on crutches—but I’m glad he tries. I’d really rather he didn’t win—but I do want him to have every opportunity to speak before others.

You should see this house—Sunday newspaper everywhere and the girls took their dolls all down yesterday while I was gone and they are everywhere. I felt too punk this morning to be real crabby and make them take them upstairs. I’m feeling so much better so when they come home from Bard’s, the dolls are going to move.

Hope you did New York as you planned. Suppose you will have to bake a birthday cake for Aunt Ev, Kinny. ROC surely couldn’t. Best Wishes to you both this week—Love from Mother.

Buddy’s candy hasn’t come yet. Maybe a mail clerk ate it.

I’m wrong, the candy did come but it’s still at the garage. Myron says thanks.






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