43 Harriet practices the piano and Myron practices for the Athletics play

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen; Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow; and Myron "Buddy" Covell Stafford

November 7, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Your toe is a real pest, isn’t it? If we had known it was going to get this way we should have taken you to another doctor while you were home. But who was to know all was going to happen that has happened! I suppose there is really no one to blame but as long as it didn’t heal at home here I feel Dr. A. should have sent you to a foot specialist. I know you must have dreaded this last time a lot. But you will have to do as you said in your letter you would—try and not worry about anything. You just musn’t be like me, Corinna.

I’m so glad you all could see Mary. I know she must enjoy getting or being I mean with her cousins. What did she think of Phyllis? I’m glad you enjoy being with Aunt Ev and Gladys like you did with the girls. Who is Mrs. Peak?

No Russy, Harriet and Gloria do not have “The Life of Our Lord” and I know they would just love one that you had mounted and sent them. They even haven’t had a chance to read it because it wasn’t in our Daily Paper.

Harriet is practicing her hour and Gloria is reading a book. I have been helping her review Nandla’s land tonight for a test. I help her with her History stories too. She is getting better in her thinking already. All she needed was some individual attention.

Gloria’s arm is quite sore from the vaccination but Harriet’s didn’t work,–you know she was vaccinated when she was a baby.

Myron is up at school practicing for the “Athletics” Play. It is a comedy and he has one of the important parts. I’m glad he’s in it because it keeps him busy.

Well election is over and Olson is reelected. Mrs. Westre and Amy were the two women on the election board—they and the 3 men counted votes all night and until 11 o’clock this morning. They were all terribly tired.

I washed Myron’s Boy Scout clothes today so as to have them ready for Court of Honor next Sunday. It is to be held in Atwater because there are to be 7 Eagles from Atwater.

Today was Geo. Cederstrom’s funeral—cars were parked way past our place and down the other 2 streets. Winnie went but of course I didn’t. Myrtle was in tonight. She said she was writing to you. Goodnight dear little Corinna, Love from Mother.


Dear Kinney,

Daddy said he’d give about 1 dollar or so for the Christmas present and we will each put in some. When shall we send the money?

Gloria and I just got new sweaters, all colors—red, blue, yellow, white, and purple plaid. That’s the only new thing we have new this year. The rest of the things have been made over from somebody elses clothes. Mother has fixed over skirts to wear with them for best. Bobby went around the block to-day and over to Olga’s. He still has some of the pneumonia robe on but is much better.

We are having a geography and history test to-morrow. I think they both will be easy but geoghraphy will be the easiest. I’m so tired I cannot write anymore. And as this is just a note anyway I guess it’s all right. Good-nite, Harriet Pauline Stafford.


I play opposite Ruth Melin. There were no Junior girls picked, Four seniors and Ruth. After the play in December (5th and 6th) I’ll send you the book so you can read it and see how good it is. Your brother, Myron C. Stafford.


November 7, 1934 continued

Dear Kinny,

I went in to see Bobby to-night, and he had painted his cars, and they went slick. We are going to have a geography test to-morrow. I took mine home to study. We have a traveling library. Mother is going to make some doll dresses for Caroline and Penelope. Mother is making a poster for the food sale and I keep on how to spell words. She gets tired of telling me. So I guess I’ll quit. Love your little sister, Gloria.


Dear Corinna,

I thought I’d write and tell you about the play. It is given for the benefit of the Athletic Association. We are ordering new sweat clothes for the money from the play. The girls get ½ the money also. The name of the play is “The Antics of Andrew”.   Andrew is “Lee” Johnson.   Harry Peterson and I are his 2 pals at college where the play takes place. In most of the play—Harry and I are dressed up as women because Lee is supposed to be married and I have to be his wife, and Harry his mother-in-law. There are 9 boys and 5 girls in it. The characters are picked from the whole school. (On back of Harriet’s letter.) Myron.


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