38 Atwater children vaccinated for small pox

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

October 31, 1934

Dear Kinny,

I just had been vaccinated. When I was I did not cry. I am looking for my sucker and Bobby’s car. In school we were invited to Miss Stenson’s Hallowe’en party. We had lots of fun. We had to try to get our tail on the right place on the cat where it was supposed to be. And then we would get prizes. To-night Mother had to hide candy. Then we would go to find them. Then she hid peanuts. Then we found it all. Then we divided all the candy. Lots of love, Your sister Gloria.


Dear Corinna,

Hallo’ween night and H and G have just hunted for peanuts and candy that I had hidden for them. Ethel is here sewing on her quilt. She finished my coat yesterday. I like it real well. Winnie was in yesterday and put her O.K. on it.

This afternoon Ethel and I entertained Mrs. Geo. Jones—and she, too, said it is a very good looking coat. I served hot corn bread—cheese—jam—coffee and 2 kinds of cookies. They liked the corn bread a lot and we three had a good visit. Mrs. Jones has been good to me so many times that it seemed nice to be able to do her a courtesy.

Shirley Holm and Alice Passoneau just called for Harriet to go Hallowe’ening. I let her go for an hour. She promised to practice when she comes back. Myron has been out to Diamond Lake with the other Boy Scouts to bring in the dock.

Harriet was vaccinated last night and Gloria tonight. There are 82 mild cases of Small Pox in Willmar but none in Atwater so far. Nearly every child in Atwater has been vaccinated—it costs $1.25 for each one.

Tomorrow M.E.A. begins so the children have a vacation. Last night Gloria went to Gene Walsh’s party. They had a lot to eat and a real good time.

Yesterday afternoon, Ethel and I walked up to Gould’s and called on her. Last night, I left her, Ethel, at home with H and G while I went up to the Chorus practice. They ate apples and had a good time. Darrell was here, too, studying with Myron.

Tomorrow Ethel is going over to Art Holm’s to see how Jimmie Paulson is and in the afternoon we will go to W.C.T.U. together at Christenson’s.

It seems to me my letter sounds as tho I am going all the time. It is an unusual week. But I know one thing—I am not accomplishing a bit of sewing.

I think the Christmas presents you have planned for H and G are fine. Don’t spend very much on each one and neither must Uncle ROC and Aunt Ev spend much. We are all so pleased over little things and we have so many good things coming our way already. When I get ready to send your things I will send them to Uncle ROC because it might be too big a temptation to peek if it was addressed to you. There never had been a Christmas yet when you haven’t gone up to the front room to peek and handle the packages.

Myron has gone out Halloweening, too, now. Gloria has been writing you a little letter. She was a bit cross because I wouldn’t let her go out but I thot she ought to stay in when she had just been vaccinated.

I haven’t sent your other music and P.J’s. yet. I never seem to get at it.

I am going down on the bike to mail this. Goodnight Kinny dear and all of you. Love from Mother.






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