147 Marvin shocks corn at Nordstrom’s farm

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen and Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

July 24, 1935

Dear Corinna,

No wonder Byron’s brain worked like it did in that letter—you certainly have admitted your guilt. You might save his letter and I’ll let Lundquist read it some day.

I am enclosing your driver’s license—be very careful at corners if you do drive any.

H and G have written to you. I have been canning beets today and toward evening I have to bake 2 short cakes as Elvira and I are going to serve raspberry short cake to the Book Club.

Myron is working long hours at the garage these days as Daddy is shocking at Nordstrom’s. Glad he’s making a little extra money.

The whooping cough is supposed to be going the rounds—we all think Bobby and the Stromseth’s have it. Junior Peterson is at the vomiting stage—they got it from him. Lillian and children have decided not to come for a visit now. I told Myrtle Bobby could stay over here but I guess they think he’d be running home anyhow.

You can use part of that $8 to get some Christmas gifts for Aunt Ev and the children. I think she’d rather you’d not send it back.

Maybe Uncle Paul has some old bows around there for your glasses. Ask him. How did you make that pineapple and cream cheese salad?

It is real hot here and we need rain very much but I suppose the farmers wouldn’t want that when they are harvesting.

Myron is going to Willmar tonight to see his Ruthie—it’s her birthday.

Walter Quist called yesterday. We had a pleasant visit. Love from Mother.

Dear Kinney,

Now when you get this letter you write back please. How is Pen getting along? I wish I could come and see you next Sunday. Lundstrom’s have a new little boy. Tonight Mother is going to book club. Harriet and I our going to stay home. We got a job to put a pail of water on a plant every day. I just did it now. I wrote this letter half ways and then watered the plant. This paper I got from Walter Stromseth, a note book too and lots of Books. From Gloria. P.S. Be sure you write to me. Remember.

Dear Kinney,

We thought of Russy and his party yesterday (or rather we thought he had one) and maybe Norfio and Mario came over.

Yesterday Marjorie and I hiked to Grove City—5 miles. Mr. Lundgren is working on a house there putting in water and so forth. We did not expect to walk home but get a ride with him. We had lunch with and each a nickel when we got there we were so tired we nearly dropped dead. We spent our nickels for ice cream and at last found out where Ed was working. But Marjie was too tired to walk up there so we got some water (in our pail) and started for home. We thot Ed had already started home so we did, too. Sometimes when cars went by we hid in the bushes for fear someone would take us. So we were so dumb that when Ed did go by we were hiding in the bushes. We jumped out and hollered at him. He told us afterward he heard someone shouting but didn’t pay any attention. This happened about 1 mile out of Grove City. We nearly started to cry then because our feet were so tired. When we were nearly 2 miles out—nearly 2 miles from Atwater he came back (he’d been way home) and found us. We got in the car rejoicing and were home at 7:15 P.M. We had started around 2:30 P.M. We were supposed to have been home at 6:00P.M. Marjorie was scolded and sent to bed because her mother had forbidden her to go to Grove City. But mother said we were punished enough by having sore feet and being left by Ed and so on.   When I came home mother had nearly finished my halter neck. It’s red goods with small and large white circles.

Love Harriet S.


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