119 Ruth attends Idella’s funeral

April 26, 1935

Dear Corinna,

This afternoon, I have been up to Mrs. Swenson’s for lunch as Esther Larson, she and I met to plan the menu for our Camp Fire Party. I think I told you it is to be a shower for Miss Branae. Harriet has her linen towel all made and pressed. It will be Thursday eve, May 2nd at Esther’s house. I serve at Victor Nelson’s the same afternoon for W.C.T.U. but they planned it so I wouldn’t have to do any baking for Camp Fire. We will have Jello salad, rolls, olives, a chocolate dessert and perhaps cookies and coffee.

Myron felt pretty blue today when the H.S. boys went to the Cokato game. I was cleaning his room this morning and he told me it was the first game he hadn’t gone to with the boys. Then he turned over on his pillow for awhile and then he had to get up and get a hankie. I felt the same way. Dr. A. will bandage it tomorrow or Sunday. The Atwater paper closed its paragraph about Myron’s misfortune by saying, “Probably Bud is glad he isn’t four-footed.” It’s such lovely weather just now that it makes it harder than ever to stay in.

My book report went fine—I wasn’t a bit nervous and they all seemed very much interested.

Today I finished the upstairs house cleaning. Did you ever know me to be that fast before? I can hardly believe it, myself.

Miss Steen has been in every afternoon helping Myron with his Latin. Miss Branae comes in often too.

The grass is so lovely and green since the rain. But the trees are slow at budding out.

Mrs. Swenson asked me today when your birthday is, as Eleanor had forgotten. I’m glad you remembered to send her a card.

Suppose you have been riding a 5th Ave. bus today. Yes H and G will write to Russy again soon. Gloria is riding the bicycle just now and H is over at Lundgren’s. H got up at 7 this morning and practiced her whole hour before school. It’s hard for her to get in any practice in the eve because Myron wants the Radio then.

Think I’ll walk over to Victor Nelson’s tonight and talk the W.C.T.U. menu over with her. That won’t be much—sandwiches and cake I suppose.

I went to the funeral yesterday—Idella May looked like she was asleep. Ida was very quiet and nice. Milo came home for the day. I wish there was something I could do for Ida but I don’t know what. How much worse is their loneliness than Myron’s little misfortune! Love from Mother.


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