87 P.T.A. committee meets at the Broman coffee shop

February 17, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Sunday P.M. H and G are cutting out paper dolls—Daddy snoring on the Davenport—Myron practicing at the M.E. Church with Miss Steen. This morning at S.S. I taught them all, the song Edwin McHugh sings. I picked it out on the piano last night—I start it on C—and play it in the key of F. Phyllis Swenson asked me to write it off for her so she could play it so I have done that since dinner. I made it into 4/4 time and started it on the 4th beat. It’s pretty low but that’s the way I like to sing it. First I play the simple air—then I go down an octave and cross my hands like Tillie and then I play it higher in octaves. It makes an effective offertory for a short one and I think I’ll use it tonight. Everyone at S.S. liked both words and the tune.

Friday eve, Gladers took Myron, H and G and me to Willmar to hear an Italian singer—Mario Capelli—tenor. It was in the M.E. Church—he sang part of operas—children’s songs—hymns—all kinds—even “Wagon Wheels”.   He is the best I’ve ever heard—gave a talk on “Ship-wreck”, also. He advised every one to stay on the right course—to avoid ship-wrecked lives.

Yesterday the P.T.A. committee met at the Broman coffee shop to plan our eats for next Wed. eve. Mrs. Swenson is chairman—Mrs. Melin, Betty, Bessie, Mrs. Ed Miller and I are the hostesses. We are going to have sponge cake and whipped cream with a cherry on top. Betty and I have charge of table decorations so we borrowed Katherine Strong figures she made of Geo and his stern father and the chopped down cherry tree. Herbert lent us two handsome figures of Uncle Sam to have at each end of the table also. Then we will put a narrow strip of red and blue crepe paper along the edge of the tablecloth. The speaker is to be Mr. Utne of the State Board of Education on Tax Revision of State Aid to schools. We have just been reading that in the League and I certainly hope I can hear him. Suppose we’ll have to be beating cream about that time.

Yes, I mean a congoleum rug for the dining room. They don’t even have new catalogs down here at Lundgrens so I can’t even pick it out yet. I wish I could get to Mpls. and pick something out for myself once.

Winnie is back again. She stopped in after church this noon. Byron’s job at the Gas plant is over but he will work for a few weeks at changing the meters for the city. I could tell from her attitude that both she and Byron feel out of sorts with the world. It’s too bad but what they need is more preparation and concentration and sacrifice. Where’s Russy now in his book? Music, I mean.

Now everybody has cleared out and I am alone in the house. Will try to catch up in my Reading a little. Dorothy Brown is to marry Burton (not Bernard) Thorpe this week. Do you know him? Love from Mother.


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