36 Nearly everyone in Atwater attends Hovey/Slinden wedding at the Norwegian church

October 27, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Saturday eve—Daddy is sitting here eating his supper—Myron is at the Garage and H and G are out at Reamer’s. Mr. Reamer took Gloria and me out this afternoon. Harriet went on her bike and we had supper there—a grand one. I rode the bicycle in to get the house warmed up and to prepare Daddy’s supper. H and G will come to town with the Reamers later on.

Ethel Dahl is there visiting. She is coming here next Monday to make over Mother’s black fur lined coat for me. We talked of cutting it off and making a jacket of it with the fur outside but Ethel thinks the fur is too badly worn and the length of it is just right and she doesn’t think the black is as shabby as we thot—so if she makes it to fit I think I shall like it. It surely would be a nice warm coat to wear to church those terribly cold winter nights. I don’t think I’ll mind going out if I have a warm-lined coat like that to put on.

We visited “like everything” this afternoon. Can’t you just imagine how it sounded? Some of the time Elvira, Ethel, Mrs. Wilson and I were all trying to talk at the same time, I believe. Beatrice tipped her glass of water over on the table and of course H and G acted like perfect ladies.

I heard Edwin McHugh sing the last half of his program this morning. He sang The Church in the Wildwood for one, and also A City Foursquare, but I think the closing song is the beautiful part of it. We all four sat so quietly and listened and I, and I’m sure Myron too, was thinking of you and the marvel of the thing—that tho we were 1500 miles apart –we were hearing the same beautiful songs together. Then we had our Bible Reading as usual.

Myron hasn’t put the windows on yet. Today was too cold—I don’t know whether he was thankful or sorry. Anyhow he went hunting this afternoon. There is a pheasant down cellar so we will have that for dinner tomorrow.

So there is a piano at your house! That is fine—Will you start Russell out now? If you spend even only 15 minutes a day with him you will see him progress and I’ll tell you he will tire of it if you keep him at it too long at first. You know I never have Gloria practice over 15 minutes and look where she is! Don’t teach him a new scale till he has the old one perfectly. Do you want the Nat’l. Graded Course book for him? I can send it but if you can get to a music store ask to look over the John Williams First Grade Book. That is the one the Government Music Teacher uses here. He says he likes it better. Don’t get the Beginner’s book as I think that would be too simple for Russy.   Wish I could help you start him but I’m sure you can do it. When I send your P.J.’s I’ll send our ragged first grade book.

Later—Elvira and Mrs. Wilson came and got me to go with them to Miranda Slinden and Walter Hovey’s wedding. It was 7:30 at Norwegian Church. In front were ferns and white bunting and white candles on candlesticks on the piano and altar. There were four pairs of long white candles on as many pedestals at intervals up the aisle. She had 3 bridemaids—the second was Lillian Hovey—all three were dressed in shades of brown—russet brown—and peach with contrasting sashes. The bride was in white and just beautiful. John Trelstad carried the ring on a pillow. Two little girls came in just ahead of her. Amundson stood right in front of me—wherever I’d move, he’d manage to be. But I peeked around him as much as I could. Did you know Miranda Slinden? I don’t remember if she went to school here or not. I’m glad I went—it was all so beautiful—all the teachers were there and nearly everyone in town I guess.

I am making myself a pair of P.J.’s too so I will have a change. It’s so cold again.

We had a fire in the furnace today.

Here are the children. Reamer just brought them home. Now I will hear the rest of what Beatrice did. Well Goodnight and Love to all–   Mother.




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