56 Harriet and Gloria deliver papers by sled and then go coasting

December 9, 1934

Dear Corinna,

The sun is shining and H and G are just going coasting down by John Miller’s. It is a little warmer today. Gloria rec’d her card from you today. Rev. Robertson was in to see me last eve at supper time—you remember he usually comes at that time. We had a pleasant chat—he said his birthday is today—33 years old—one year younger than Paul.

Today we started practicing for the Christmas worship service—it will be Dec. 23rd at our usual Sunday evening service. There will be only 2 numbers by the school otherwise Rev. Robertson and the congregation will have the usual parts they have at regular services. The three lower classes will sing A Christmas Carol—a German Carol melody from the 14th century. It’s taken from Gloria’s quarterly. The two older classes and teachers will be the choir and sing the Response to the Scripture—“As With Gladness Men of Old”—also lead all the hymns. I will see that the girls wear their silk dresses Aunt Ev is sending them as you wanted me to.

How are the stores in Hempstead—something like Willmar? Or better? Where or which way does Russy go to school?

We are still hearing echoes of the success of the play. Most every one says Myron looked almost like it was Kinny up there. I was startled too when I noticed the resemblance under his red wig and so was Myrtle Arneson.

Today I have been reading Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man. I have always wanted to make a study of it and now I am really doing it. The more you read it the more there is to see in it. I have only part of it tho—from the library in school. Wish I had the whole poem.

Tillie was here again yesterday. She asked me for your address so now! It was just 4 years yesterday since we went to her mother’s funeral she said. I remember it was on Gloria’s birthday and then I came home that day to get the party ready for Gloria—she was 5 then.

Gloria helped Harriet deliver papers this morning—they took the sled and it took them forever. When I went to S.S. they were still at it, but they finally came up to church. They went without breakfast. They made up for it at dinner.

I wrote to Grandpa and Grandma Stafford yesterday and thanked them for the turkey. I must get them each some little gift for Christmas and send soon. Think I’ll take a walk and mail this. What a good time you have been having buying and wrapping presents I know. Love from Mother.


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