60 Snow fight at the Atwater School

December 17,1934

Dear Corinna,

I am sitting by the dining table but I don’t get far with this letter as there is such a fascinating snow fight going on between the boys up at school. One of the Broman twins just got his cap knocked off by a snowball. It was for fun at first but now they are beginning to look mad. Now Georgie Larson and young Broman started to fist fight and the latter’s glasses were lost in the snow—he looked a long time but at last he found them.

I listened to the New York Symphony Orchestra yesterday afternoon. I wonder if you heard them. We heard part of Edwin McHugh Saturday but Elstrom played tunes at his blacksmith shop part of the time. We have Clara, Lu and Em at 9:15 all other days of the week so we never can hear McHugh except Saturday.

We had a good practice at S.S. last Sunday—good attendance. Frederick is going to put up the tree—otherwise he hasn’t been coming to S.S. lately—neither has Mrs. Glader—she has a few teeth pulled every week and it keeps her half sick all the time.

I had Lundquist over for dinner yesterday and I wrote to Winnie. I told them they should come to our house for Christmas dinner. It will be nothing elaborate—just dinner.

When Gloria comes from school I am going down town with her to pick out a pair of shoes for her. We have had several dark days now, but not so cold as it was.

I think you ought to wear warmer underclothing as a protection against your colds. When you open your Christmas package from Daddy I want you to promise to wear what’s in it. Did you get warm anklets to wear? But I’m glad your cold was better. Daddy is the only one of us who has had a cold so far. Of course I never have any, as you know.

What piece is Russell on in the William’s book? “Grandfather’s Song” is all treble clef—that may confuse him a little.

Yes, I think “you can take it” as you say—your first Christmas away from home. We all have it so good—don’t we Kinny? When you think of the homeless ones?

Love from Mother.


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