65 Marvin and Myron have a busy day at the garage selling wood alcohol and storing cars

December 27, 1934

Dear Corinna,

I should have gotten this letter written sooner so it could have been mailed tonight. I have been ironing today and mending and putting things away. It was 19 below zero yesterday in St. Paul, the paper said, but Daddy said it was 25 below here. They had a busy day at the garage selling wood alcohol and storing cars. Daddy got a bad headache from the gas and alcohol smell so he came home and slept at supper time and Myron ran the garage alone in the evening. But today he feels all right. Daddy and Myron are sleeping downstairs on the Sanitary Cot now as they got so cold upstairs. When it warms up a little they will sleep upstairs again.


Miriam’s birthday – Myron had the Radio going so hard last night that I couldn’t think what to write so I gave it up and went to bed.

I forgot to tell you I got some red and blue checked seersucker from Aunt Esther—it’s so pretty and I thot I’d make it right away in that pattern that I had intended using for you. There are only 2 2/3 yards tho and I will have an awful time matching checks and piecing it. Guess I’ll have to ask Myrtle’s advice. I have been monkeying with it all morning and getting nowhere. H and G are doing dishes while I write. I made Gloria dust the furniture this morning and as long as I watched her she did well. It would go very fast when I wasn’t watching.

Yes, we love the three dresses—there are large hems in the red ones so they can easily wear them for a couple of years yet. I didn’t shorten the black one too much—it is 9 inches from the floor. I took it off from the top of the skirt of course. I told Myrtle I was sure you had had it on. I forgot to put on rouge but I will try to remember it from now on.

Well you surely were well remembered when even Jimmy gave you a present. I think you had a wonderful Christmas and I’m so glad. H and G would have liked to see Jimmy find his mouse. You described everything so plainly that I can just see you all. I never have been able to decide the whether the piano is in the sun parlor or the living room. Can you make it a little more clear?

Now you are busy with company and I think it’s so nice Aunt Ev’s sister could come.

We forgot to thank you for the candy and nuts you sent. We ate them Christmas Eve and sat around the tree with boxes, strings and papers everywhere. Finally we got up ambition and cleared up the room.

Yesterday afternoon Myrtle came in and brought her sewing—we had a nice visit together as we always do. Bobby likes his Tiddly Winks. That package was wrapped the prettiest of any he got and he insisted on getting that one first.

Myron has a lot of nice presents piled up here and he should be writing his thanks but as usual he leads the class in procrastination. He bought his presents Christmas Eve about 3 o’clock. He gave Daddy the usual garters and sleeve bands—me a pair of warm mittens—H and G each a 10 cent book and then he got his S.S. teacher a white satin collar.

Mrs. Glader crocheted a rug (the same shape and pattern as Aunt Ev’s holders you gave her) out of rags and gave me, mind you, (she wrote) for my patience with Sidney in his music on the cornet. It is so much work and so sweet of her I think. Then besides that she gave me a centerpiece crocheted around it like the one you got for graduation and a box of taffy for all of us. The girls and Myron got hankies.

Well Christmas is fun but I think it’s fun to settle down into routine again too. My mind gets all twisted just before it comes off (I mean Christmas) and then I feel relieved when I can resume the usual. I haven’t been playing the piano for days.

I think I shall try to cut that dress out now. I may have to buy contrasting material for sleeves and yoke to get the dress out. The girls caps and scarfs from Aunt Frances are very attractive and warm. She gave Daddy warm pajamas.

I enclose a book of stamps to help you out after all your extravagance with us. Love from your Mother.



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