116 Ruth gets her dress collar picoted in Willmar

April 20, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I have cut out the green dress today and as soon as Harriet has delivered her papers we are going to Willmar to get the collar picoted. Olga and Myrtle Arneson are going along.

I got that far and then we went, as Darrel offered to deliver Harriet’s papers. Olga got a hat and Myrtle and I bought a few little things. We are going to have strawberry short cake tomorrow.

We got home in time to get Daddy’s supper—so it was a flying trip. We were only in Willmar 1 hour and 15 minutes. The stores were full of pretty things—hats, blouses, dresses in large stocks.

Elvira just called up and wanted me to go with her to see The Little Minister. But I am too tired to go anywhere tonight. Tomorrow eve we are going to have a choir for Easter. Sidney Strong and Sidney Glader Tenors—Mrs. Manning and Elvira Sopranos—Myron and Howard Reamer Basses. I haven’t been able to get any altos. Guess I’ll have to ask May Johnson to sing. She really has a soft alto voice. I always play a prelude now at the services besides the Offertory number. I play some of those simple organ book selections usually. So with S.S. in the morning Sunday is a full day. I’ll be mighty glad when my daughter from New York comes home to relieve me. It’s a pity no one but the Staffords can play in that church. Mrs. Robertson hardly ever comes anymore. Rev. Robertson has asked to be released in the Fall as the 4 places are too much for him. It is expected that we will have the Litchfield minister then.

So you had your vacation this week too. Harriet has been so much help to me. Every morning she has worked right along with me—baked cake twice and they were so good they got eaten right up. Gloria has helped too but mostly only with the dishes and that she always does on school days too. Darrel has been here to dinner twice when they’ve been raking and Harriet has put out all the best china and silverware and set the table so prettily. She just loves to do it. Yesterday was Friday so I had Baked Salmon Loaf in Darrel’s honor.

Myron was here just now bothering me trying to make me kiss him because I’m mad at him so I got ink spots everywhere. Well tomorrow you will be wearing your new suit and in a church in New York. What a thrill! The Easter box is here. The girls are so pleased. I’m glad they got it because I hadn’t bought anything for them. Love from Mother.


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