133 Harriet works the fishing pond at C.F.G. fundraiser

Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

May 27, 1935

Dear Kinney,

I am glad that I am coming to get you June 23. I hope you will stay home so I can look at you. I am glad school is soon out there is only 2 days left of school. We are making Geography booket.(sic) Mother told me to go over to Hallbergs to tell Mrs. Hallberg that there was a birthday party over at Mrs. Goulds house and she should bring some lunch. When I went around the corner there was a old Ugly man sitting there and put his arms around me and made a face at me and did I ever get Scared. I ran home as fast as I could. He was Mrs. Hallbergs brother.

Well school is nearly out and we have been having many yearly tests. We had a Hygiene Yearly and out of 100 points I got 98 right—1 wrong. In History out of 100 points I got 97 right—3 wrong. In Language I got 100 right. Mother is ironing so I am writing to-night. We had a C.F.G.Sale last Sat.—we earned around $20. Marjorie, Elaine and I worked behind the Fish Pond. It was dull work—hardly anyone fished. Miss Carlson, my teacher is going to be married to Owen Anderson. We kids have found that out by sometimes she borrows Elmer Lundstroms pen and sits in his desk and writes the address on the envelope and a lot of us go by in back of her to get an encyclopedia (or however you spell it) and look over her shoulder and look at the address.

It’s Class Night to-night. I may go and Marjorie with me. We go to-gether quite often, to movies and (for walks before 8 o’clock). Lorraine, my new girlfriend and Marjories is also coming with to-night. It’s time to go now. Love Harriet S.


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